The Game Changer

Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo posing for the front cover of FIFA 19.
Making Cristiano appear in the cover was difficult because of the last 
moment transfer from la Juventus

Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo posing for the front cover of FIFA 19. Making Cristiano appear in the cover was difficult because of the last moment transfer from la Juventus

Juan Camilo Salazar, Discoverer Staff Writer

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FIFA 19 is actually the best football video game in all the world. FIFA is a football game that comes out each year its new version and this year´s version came with lots of new surprises and features.

Well FIFA has been an awesome video game that I have played throughout the years when it comes out. This year, Fifa 19 came with lots of remodeling, it has changed lots of things such as the graphics(expressions), the game play, and lots of different modes that there wasn’t in the previous edition of last year which was FIFA 18

This game has changed lots of stuff of the gameplay. This means that it has had some modifications in the form  to play. It has different combos for the skills. There is this new ‘Active Touch System’ which gives a great fluidity in the game. Well I´ll say that the shooting tactiques have changed because there are new ways of hitting the ball such as the timed shoot, and low shots. The low shot now it is by holding L1 and R1 and shooting and the timed is to press the shooting button and press it another time when the player makes contact with the ball.

There are lots of new game modes in FIFA 19 which is revolutionary for the football video game industry. These new modes of kick-off are called “house rules”. It has multiple modes such as long range, which consists that goals from outside the box count twice as the goals scored inside the box. Survival means when someone scores a goal, that person will lose a player from their team. Headers and Volleys means that the only goals that count are the ones made as a header or as a volley. First to, is practically to establish a number and consists to make that amount in goals and the first one wins. No rules means everything counts.

This time, FIFA 19 came with multiple improvements. In the Journey, which is a game mode that is starred by Alex Hunter, has continued and people can see the twists of the story by playing with the character at the same time. Ultimate Team has this game plan which includes lots of tactiques that can be implemented during the match, It can tell each player what to do; practically it is for the gamers with manager talent. There is a new gadget about the formations; depending on the mode of playing(Ultra defensive, defensive, attacking, ultra attacking) there could be a formation assigned for each mode. Also the way the team plays can be edited for example, you can put the team to play with a constant pressure, or to pressure when the ball is lost, these tactiques can be applied and there is an affection towards it.

One thing that is negative about FIFA would be the timed shot, it is a headache for people who play this game because the shot has a big probability to turn wrong. It is really difficult to shoot that way and having a good ending. Another thing that isn’t really comfortable is that the defence in this FIFA is really overpowered now that the defenses that according to stats are as half as fast as some strikers, and still catch them by speed

So, when you are thinking of buying a football video game, think twice and buy FIFA 19 because it has the best features and it is a game that will keep actualizing things about game. Don´t forget that this is a game changer that won’t make you regret about that purchase.