Perritos Gourmet, Best Fast Food in Town


Some products at Perritos Gourmet in UVA Park, November 7th 2019.

Susana Obando, Discoverer Staff Writer

“Perritos Gourmet” have been claimed to be the best fast food place in town. This business was created this January 2019, and it has definitely got the attention of the public because of their specialty, hot dogs. 

The menu, the fast service, the quality of the food is what differentiates this place from other locations where the same type of dishes are offered. To this perritos the customer can add the toppings they want creating delicious combinations. Even though it might not be fancy or a private space where you can eat, enjoying a meal in the park with your friends or loved ones makes it a unique experience.

The “gourmet” factor comes in with the harnesses, such as crab sticks, caramelized leek, smoked bacon, caramelized pork loin, shredded meat, white fish ceviche, shrimp, among others. It is also made up by a regular soft white bread which adds balance to all the flavors that come between the buns. Similar to “Perritos Gourmet” is “Tika Dogs Gourmet”, this place provides predetermined hot dogs from a menu. What really marks the difference is that they are a lot bigger, come with chips, oregano/parmesan bread and a german sausage. Of course this means it is more expensive than “Perritos Gourmet”. Also, size matters, the small perritos with different combinations will leave you wanting more hot dogs, which are full of exquisite flavours for a cheaper price.

Having the extensive choice board “Perritos Gourmet” facilitates the buyer what they want to add their food. The creativity and preferences of the purchaser are considered with this method. As mentioned before “Tika Dogs Gourmet” also displaces imagination when it comes to naming their options. Each hot dog is named as cities around the world and includes ingredients of such place. Some of their products are called: Praga, Estambul, Medellin, Cancun, etc. In spite of the fact both have well thought, powerful marketing ideas, having the freedom to select what you want is an upgrade to what fast food is about. 

This perrito place is located in a good area where anyone can have access to, specifically a park that was also recently inaugurated by the government. As soon as you order you can go sit nearby, when the food is ready then the waiter will take your meal to where you are at. Another well known hot dog place is “Los Perritos del Mono” which is food cart near el Parque de Envigado, when you get your food, you can either eat it in the car or sitting at a sidewalk. In my personal opinion is nicer to sit in a safe area where I am surrounded by nature, instead of a dirty place where I can’t feel secure or comfortable enough to enjoy my meal.

As soon as you arrive to “Perritos Gourmet” they are around 2 or 3 persons that’ll take your order, they will also greet and recommend you some of the most ordered perritos. These people work fast, because of the demand and client surplus, mostly on weekends. When your food is ready they call out the name which the order is to, they walk to where the client is sitting and deliver their food.  As mentioned before a delicious fast food place is “Los Perritos del Mono”. In spite of the fact it is also enjoyable and worth your money, it is an auto-service process where you decide between the 2 options that are offered on the front of the food cart, and order to the person who also makes the hot-dogs.  “Perritos Gourmet” has more of a professional service, than “Los Perritos del Mono” where there is only one person that can offer you attention.

The fact that the perritos has many options is an opportunity for the customer to change the ingredients of the dish without getting tired of eating the same thing every time you go (believe me you will be going more than once). Their forte are hot dogs, but the menu also includes a variety of sushi and burgers. Again, comparing to “los Perritos del Mono”,only provides “Modelo 2018” or “Modelo 2019” hot-dogs, even though both are delicious, they lack of options and surprise ingredients. That is why people would only go once and try them, but not to go every day and have the same hot-dog. The disadvantage of only having limited options makes  every visit monotonous and is not so pleasant as making own combinations.

You should try  “Perritos Gourmet” because this place takes fast food to another level, it is enjoying a delicious meal for a cheap price, and a good spot to be at.