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Grill Station Burger in Provenza, El Poblado, located on the second floor. Grill station placed #1 in Burger Master 2019 and is considered to have the best burgers in Medellin.

If you live in Medellin, chances are you’ve heard of Grill Station, whether it’s because of their amazing burgers, their tranquil establishments, or their title as winner of Burger Master 2019. Over the past five years, the Medellin-born moderate-speed burger joint has forged a path from its humble small restaurant in Laureles to a local phenomenon. It has five different locations and carries more than 20 different unique recipes. The fast and exquisite gourmet food makes the restaurant stand out among others. 

The food in Grill Station is the perfect combination of classic and original international cuisine. They offer various plates from mozzarella sticks to quesadillas, American-style wraps, and even Ribs. Still, if you want to go to Grill Station and have the best experience possible, you have to try their award-winning burgers. The burgers, which are 100% certified Brangus beef, are a top-tier quality mix of flavors. The half-melted cheese, the fresh vegetables paired with the crispy bacon, and homemade sauces are what makes this burger so great and popular. The burgers can not only be accompanied with the sauce of your choice with options like chipotle, BBQ, and blue cheese, but also different types of potatoes like French Fries, Potato wedge, and yucca. To end your meal, you can also order one of their delicious desserts. Other popular moderate-speed gourmet restaurants in Medellin with great burgers are Chef Burger, Barrio Burger, and Home Burger. Don’t get me wrong; these are great restaurants with excellent service and ambiance. However, it’s Grill Station’s quality of the food that makes it stand out. Grill Station was part of Burger Master 2019, where it competed alongside 40 of the best burgers joints in Medellin and was proclaimed the winner. The burger responsible for this win was the Angus Master. This burger is made with certified Angus beef, stuffed with Philadelphia cheese, and embraced by Monterrey jack cheese, while also accompanied by double caramelized bacon in jack honey sauce, all in between better-sealed bread. It’s also important to mention the restaurant does offer vegan options.

The small restaurant chain has quickly grown during these past few years. As of April 2021, it has  locations in El Poblado, Los Colores, Laureles, El Escobero, and Llanogrande. All five locations are incredibly comfortable and minimalistic, good look, from the walls to the tables, to the decoration in general. Visiting Grill Station is unforgettable, dim lighting, modern music playing in the background, vintage, contemporary decoration, and outstanding service. This restaurant is perfect for families, couples, teenagers, and tourists searching for great burgers and wish to have a pleasant meal. For being an award-winning restaurant, prices are really not that expensive. It’s an excellent quality-price ratio, being desserts around 10,000$COP, main courses 20,000-30,000$COP, and drinks around 5,000$COP. The service in the restaurant is outstanding as waiters are constantly walking around checking on you if you need anything. They also know each menu option and which one is suitable depending on what you’re looking for, and they even mark your burger with a flag with your name on it to differentiate which burger is yours. 

The menu is straightforward to navigate as it is divided into appetizers, burgers, drinks, a kids’ menu, desserts, and cocktails. It is also updated every six months with new unique recipes put to the test of consumers to decide whether they remain permanently. Because of the coronavirus, the restaurant is no longer using physical menus but instead gives the customer a QR code they can scan with their phones, leading them to the virtual version of the menu. This virtual version is as easy if not easier to navigate and offers short descriptions of each plate. Grill Station does offer delivery but only through Rappi or their own website.

It’s no secret that the Grill Station excels in many different categories. Nevertheless, that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to size and capacity. The restaurants are not small, but they are not huge, which means on a crowded day you would probably have a hard time finding a table, not to mention a crowded restaurant means longer waits for the food.

Nevertheless, Grill Station is the perfect restaurant if you are looking to eat one of the best, if not the best burger in Medellin. It’s a restaurant where you can have a nice meal with your family and friends while enjoying high-quality food. I’ve eaten here many times and always had a positive experience, and I would highly recommend you give it a try.

Rating: 5/5 stars.