Hatsu, the Drink of the Moment

Hatsu is available in Carulla and many other stores in Medellin. This delicious drink has become more popular in recent years.

Alejandra Castaño

Hatsu is available in Carulla and many other stores in Medellin. This delicious drink has become more popular in recent years.

Alejandra Castaño, Discoverer Staff Writer

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Since a young age you have been warned about how bad sodas are. According to the website Wellnessmama, drinking soda produces cavities, obesity, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, it has lack of nutrients and the caffeine can cause certain cancers and other problems. Additionally a can of soda can have about 10 teaspoons of sugar, which can later lead to diabetes or insulin resistance. This is one reason Hatsu came into the market, to offer a healthy option. The Hatsu brand has gradually turned into a synonym of healthy lifestyle, design, creativity and quality because they want to show the concept of living with conscience. Since 2009, the consumption of tea in Colombia has increased about a 25%. Julián Oquendo, the creator of Hatsu was able to identify this opportunity. He took a product that already existed and took it into a new dimension giving a complete twist to the industry of teas.

Hatsu is recognized for its uniqueness in comparison to other teas like Lipton, Mr. Tea, or Fuze Tea. Unlike these other beverages, Hatsu has a variety of flavors to choose from. There are nine flavors with exotic fruits that include: white tea and mangostine, yellow starfruit and lotus blossom tea, and blue pomegranate tea. Hatsu also produces other products like vegetable drinks and snacks. Other brands like Fuze Tea have few flavors to offer and they all taste very similar. Hatsu is much better because it offers its customers more flavors to choose from and do not have that taste of additives like food coloring as other brands do. My favorites are yellow starfruit and lotus blossom tea and lilac cherry blossom tea because of its rareness of fruits.

Additionally, Hatsu offers a variety of different sizes. For example they have two different glass containers, one of 400ml and another one of 250ml. They also offer another type of packaging that is in box and contains 200ml. Contrastingly, Fuze Tea only offers a 400ml packaging. The diversity of sizes Hatsu has adapts  to their customers` needs. In my case the box presentation is very helpful because I can take it easier to places like school.

According to their website, Hatsu´s goal is to make the customer feel that they are a brand that wants to be in their lives and that all of their innovations are made with the customer in mind. This is why their presentations are very colorful, to make people  know they are an creative and innovative brand. Oppositely Fuze Tea has a really basic presentation in all of its products. Also it does not differ a lot from other brands like Mr. Tea or Lipton, you can even get to confuse them. The colors in Hatsu make you want to taste all of them. It immediately grabs your attention because of the bright colors the bottles have.  

The price of an individual Hatsu of 400ml is approximately of  $3.690 and Fuze tea costs around $1.890. Although they have a wide difference in price, paying a little more for Hatsu is worth it because it adjusts more to people’s preferences like flavor or sizes.

Hatsu is definitely a must try for everyone because since it has so many flavors to choose from, there must be at least one that you like. I would also recommend you to taste the other products that Hatsu offers like the veggie milk and the healthy snacks. This is definitely a very open brand that is open to all of its customers` preferences so you do not lose anything with tasting them.