El Correo: A Restaurant Where You Have Choices

The Chateaubriand with mixed grilled vegetables is one of the most popular plates on El Correo menu.

The Chateaubriand with mixed grilled vegetables is one of the most popular plates on El Correo menu.

Maria Jose Pelaez, Copy Editor

Colombia has built up a reputation around the world because of it fauna, flora, and more recently, tourism and food. Since the grand opening in Medellin, Colombia in October 2012.

El Correo restaurant caught the attention of foodies, families, foreign people and especially carnivores. All of this excellent experience starts when you enter the restaurant and then through the eating experience, this restaurant will definitely leave an impression. Great food, service, and ambiance are the reasons for you to go as soon as possible to El Correo.

El Correo keeps its menu traditional, but with specific and delicious sides, providing alternatives for the customers. Their specialty is various kinds of meats, fish, and chicken, but what makes this traditional food so delicious are the various sides to pick from. You can choose from “Cupcake de Papa”, to salads or pasta, this engages the customers to pick different sides to accompany their meals. Instead, most restaurants, in Medellin, have a strict menu, customers do not have the liberty to choose their sides. Each plate has a specific description of how it comes and nothing can be changed. 

El Correo also has a great variety of drinks starting with wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, to whiskey or the traditional Aguardiente Antioqueño, also non-alcoholic beverages like sodas, juices, and tonic water. Not many restaurants in Medellin have the liberty for customers to pick from an extensive menu for beverages and drinks.

The ambiance in El Correo is definitely excellent, this restaurant is made visually beautiful, but also with the intention that customers who visit the restaurant are comfortable. Give them not only an experience to eat delicious food, but also to enjoy a nice place with good music. The tables are well spaced and very comfortable, it is decorated with beautiful wooden chairs and tables. The restaurant has plants all around, this makes the ambiance much better and relaxed. Also, customers can enjoy a different experience by having the opportunity to eat outside the restaurant on a terrace where everyone from the mall can pass by. While in most restaurants customers don’t have the option to choose, El Correo offers the opportunity for you to pick between two different ambiances.

Amada Reposteria is the bakery that El Correo has in all of their restaurants, this is a family bakery where recipes from years ago were passed on to present generations. They created exquisite desserts or are also called “Delicias de la Abuela”, you can find berries or caramel cheesecakes to chocolate cakes with nuts and extra chocolate or sweet sugar cookies, they become a great companion for your lunch or dinner. 

In El Cielo created by the famous Colombian chef, Juan Manuel Barrientos is a restaurant with no menu, they serve what they want. This is called “momentos” where the chef decides the menu for that day and the customers can’t change anything from the plates, neither do they have the opportunity to pick what kind of dessert they want or take away the ones they don’t go for. El Correo not only stands up for their delicious meats and sides but also from the variety of desserts they offer customers. 

El Correo restaurant had great growth since they opened doors, this catches citizens and foreign people’s attention. They had the experience and opportunity to open various restaurants in Medellin and Colombian cities. Right now they have opened and functioning 5 restaurants, in Medellin they are located in Laureles, Indiana Mall and in El Poblado, around Colombia they are located in Monteria, Cordoba and in Pereira, Risaralda. 

Basic information such as the telephone number, direction, and E-Mail of the restaurant can be found on the webpage, elcorreoyamada.com. Also, a similar restaurant with strategic locations around Colombia is Crepes & Waffles, first opened doors on April 13, 1980, in Bogota, Colombia and have been expanding their restaurant all throughout the Country, like El Correo restaurant. In each of El Correo’s locations, they have an estimate of around 70-80 customers each day, although it depends on the day of the week and the location. El Correo each day becomes more recognized.

El Correo is a developing restaurant in Colombia, continuing a familiar legacy. Slowly they have grown, always having in account an excellent service and great food to become a recognized restaurant in Colombia. They established a solid structure to make it work at its full potential and to make the restaurant a leader in food quality, service, and ambiance. These are the reasons for you to try a new experience, where you have choices in El Correo Restaurant.