Brave New World a Better Dystopia than Fahrenheit 451

Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 original covers.

Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 original covers.

Federico Ospina, Discoverer Staff Writer

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Brave New World, one of Aldous Huxley’s best selling books, is a dystopian novel where people live how the governments tell them to. Fahrenheit 451, one of ray Bradbury’s best dystopian books, shows how a government makes people think that books are stupid and useless in life. But Brave New World is a better book to reflect the role of government in society.

This two books are actually very similar. Even though they have more than 60 years, they are actually getting some predictions of the future correct. This are books that have a lot to criticize to the society and both of this authors try to make people see that not actually all that we think of the future is going to be good. For example in Brave New World they critique how technology advance damages our society, how forgetting the past is actually a very bad idea and that we need to have eyes open to the social classes. Different from Fahrenheit 451 that talks about how technology can make us all be like robots and that book are the things that can make us think different from each other.

Brave New World was released in 1932, this is a book about a world in where nobody has mom or dad, people are just born genetically in a bottle. Some people are modify to good or to bad, and selected into different social classes that would be alfa, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. This kids have no choice and they are all being the same as all of the members of their class and they are all working in somethings similar than the others, but the alphas and betas are an exception in which they are still some kind of the same but have more freedom and can go around, explore the world and choose different type of jobs, but what all the breeds have in common is that they are all taking a diary dosage of soma, a drug that makes them feel happy about their lives.

Compared to Fahrenheit 451 in which they have a government that controls their minds by making everybody see the T.V and only use the technology for basically everything, but  the focus of this book is that they are some type of firefighters that are searching for any book that is in the city and burn it, so people can not open their minds. I think that Brave New World has a better plot because is more of a today’s day society in which they are, social classes and one class discriminates the other, how many people love sex without compromise and how the advance technology makes everything easier. The difference is that Fahrenheit 451 is only focus on books and how books make you more stupid and we should all think in the same way. I think is to general only focusing in books, and more complex and open, all the topics that Brave New World has. At the end both of this stories realize that the happy world that they are living in is actually a hell.

Brave New World author is Aldous Huxley a famous writer and philosopher, born in 1894 and died in 1963. He is very well known because he was a lover of the psychedelic drugs, he has even books like doors of perception in where he talks about how the effects of the peyote work. Ray Bradbury the author of Fahrenheit 451 is a famous writer of science fiction books. He is also well known to be a author for the youth and the children. What this two authors have in common is that they work on trying to show the people that they are not happy with the society and this all needs to change or is going to get worst. I prefer Aldous Huxley as a writer because he is going outside the box in his books and specially in Brave New World in where he write things that not many authors would even think about in 1932 for example the good use of drugs. They are were great authors and both had a good goal that was to change the society.

Both of these dystopian books have are trying to show in some way the same message by criticizing the society and the government control over all. Brave New World is criticizing the society that he lives in and the future by showing how technology, forgetting, social classes, depression and beauty affect us. He show how technology takes control over us, how we are forgetting the things from the past like the books or movies or even just history, he also thinks that we humans are going to stop being happy and need a drug to be happy, and finally how he thinks that we would care very much about beauty and we would no matter the consequences but if we look pretty we prefer to live less.

Fahrenheit 451 is criticizing also the future and the society but in a more general topic that is the control of technology and books. The message the Ray is trying to show is that in the future we will be control by the government through technology and not letting the people read books so that their minds all think the same and make easier to control them. I like a lot both messages because they make you appreciate more things in life. But I prefer brave new worlds message because even though it was written 87 years ago it is actually getting some of the things correct for example that people will be more worried on beauty than on life because today many product are going around the world making you look 10 years younger but actually damaging your body.

Many people would think, why to read book with more than  60 years. Well both of this novels can make you reflect on your society and always to be aware of the government. For example both of this books are getting some predictions correct that we could have avoid, that are social classes discrimination, and T.V being more important than books. If more people would have read this books then we would have prevent the idea that students are not liking books and that people are actually seeing more T.V than reading. I recommend both books to everybody so that they can actually think about what is happening. but I recommend more Brave New World because for me is more interesting for teens and not in some how following the rules of literature, also because it talks about the same topics and many more topics so this will make people think more of the future they want to have.

Every person that has the opportunity should read Brave New World this is a book that would open your mind and think on how you should actually live. This should be a book that can never be forgotten because id a way to show us that we actually need to have conscious on some problems of the future like the government controlling us.