An overwhelming with truth movie of the reality of our society

Greenbook, a Peter Farrelly movie, is a movie that will walk you through the truth of the past discovering a side that many don't know.

Greenbook, a Peter Farrelly movie, is a movie that will walk you through the truth of the past discovering a side that many don’t know.

Valentina Velez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The movie produced by Peter Farrelly on 2018, Greenbook, is a Drama/Comedy that shows the reality of a black Pianist living in the hardships of our society from the lenses of a white man. Is a movie filled with truth that is gives an opening to topics that are not commonly talked about in society and is a must to understand our reality.

Dr Don Shirley, was a very educated black man that was the best piano player in his time, while Tony Lip was an Italian-American that worked as a bouncer. The connection between the characters of this movie is much stronger and significant than the characters of bohemian Rhapsody, which is also a movie based on historical acts or people. In this movie Shirley and Tony need each other to pass through those harsh times and it will only work if they develop this connection while the characters in bohemian rhapsody need each other to succeed in their career. This two protagonists work together to create a relationship like no other making each other become more of the man they actually are and help each other play their parts in society.

There were two scenes where the “green book” was showed, but thought the movie the audience was able to realize that the “greenbook” was not just The Negro Motorist Green Book, it was much more. In the movie The help it showed how the black women that were “The help” cared much more about the children of the white women that the actual moms and this shows how they are not only “the help” they actually end up raising the kids and are so significant. At first these two scenes in Greenbook seem kind of insignificant but at the end it connects the entire movie together which gives this book a completely different meaning, while in The Help they sow the black woman since the start as very important.

The idea of racism is clearly highlighted in the movie, but there is a point in which Tony actually takes place as the black man and Don Shirley as the white man showing that Don Shirley does not really connect and understand his people and showing racism in another level because Shirley was not accepted by either as he was black but did not act like it. In this movie to show racism there is a part when Don Shirley went to eat with Tony in one of the last shows and they would not allow his to eat there so he had to go to another restaurant, In Hidden figures one of the black women that worked n the NASA had to go to the bathroom elsewhere even when it was raining but in this case one white guy saw that and demanded that everyone could go to the bathroom in the same part. I think the racism in Greenbook is more realistic because the girls in Hidden Figures worked in a white only job and they actually were accepted by both sides while shirley was not.

This movie is set to give the audience an actual taste of the racism that there was in 1962, when the movie is plotted. To Don Shirley it was even worse because he acted as a white person but was black so was excluded by everyone and his roots with the reminder of his brother that followed him everywhere. The plot of this movie at the end when Tony and Don Shirley go to a Black bar, Don Shirley was finally able to connect with his own people and overcome his fears. It is very similar to the plot in the movie Blood Diamond because when Archer, the main character, met Solomon and Maddy he was finally able to come in terms with the roots that had always followed him. I think that greenbook shows a much more realistic view because even if Don was able to overcome some fears, at the end it showed that he was still a black person with and education of a white and in that time it was not accepted by anyone. While in Blood Diamond Archer moved on as if his other life did not exist which I think is not at all realistic.

With a strong connection between characters that highlights racism that gives insight on the bases of our society and above all that has a touch of comedy, Greenbook is an eye opening movie that finds a way to approach harsh topics in a light way that should definitely be watched.