A heartbreaking story, Things we Know by Heart

Valentina Velez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The Jessi Kirby Novel, Things we Know by Heart, is an abstract story, with hidden secrets. It all starts with Queen Sullivan trying to find closure, but it was actually a key for a new door. A story in the past opens up the road for a new story with a connection as strong as actual human need, also known as Colton Thomas. An unforgettable story, full of secrets to discover and a creation of an unexpected connection, will leave no minds at rest.  

The protagonists, Queen Sullivan and Colton Thomas, base their story in Queen’s dead ex boyfriend, Trent, which also saved Colton Thomas life.  The characters develop and change throughout the story around each other, making that connection even stronger. The connection between the characters of this book is much stronger than the characters in Anna and the French Kiss, as Queen and Colton are connected by much more than just feelings. Queen and Colton are connected by background stories involving love and death, while Anna meets a boy when her parents decide to send her away to France. Having this connection developing thought the story makes the reader feel as if they are part of the story, as if they were the character, which makes the reader have an even bigger connection with the book feeling everything the characters feel and making the readers don’t want to stop reading.

The truth that the readers have come to know since the beginning is finally revealed to the characters and their reaction to it could be seen as a Plot Twist. This is different form the book The summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han, because instead of the readers knowing what was going on and the characters that were oblivious to it, in this book the reader have no idea what’s going on, but the character do. This makes the purpose of the books different, for The summer I turned pretty the purpose was to share that secret between the characters that is unknown to the readers, buy in Things we Know by Heart it is to share the secret between the author, one character and the reader to the other character. This makes the reader feel much more included in the story, while in The summer I turned pretty It could make the reader feel like an outsider.

This book transmits a very uncommon and intriguing message about love but mostly it gives us a picture of challenging way the characters had to live in very different circumstances and how complementing each other they could live through it. A court of thorns and roses uses a completely different way of transmitting the message to the readers, it is a classic massage that has been a little altered to the situation we live in today. In comparison to Things we Know by Heart that is a very strange message instead of a classic that has been told to everyone since they were little.  This book is able to transmit such a strong message, as it makes you feel as if you are part of the story, but the situation they are in is not easily relatable to many. It is a challenging situation that thankfully not many have to go through it, but as not many go through it is a little harder to relate our day to day life to this book.  

This book is written in Queen`s point of view, making the reader see the story from her point of view and giving us a way not only to see what she sees but also to feel what she feels. It is written simply but very detailed. While both, Midnight Sun and Things we Know by Heart, have similar plot lines, their writing styles are very different. While Things we Know by Heart has a very simple way of writing it also has double meanings and it is very descriptive, instead Midnight Sun`s writing is clear and not as detailed. Midnight Sun also has a challenging plot line but the writing is not as descriptive as the one of Things we Know by Heart, which makes the connection of the reader with the book much weaker and the desire to know what happens next is just the same, weaker.

This book is with no doubt worth your money and most importantly it will make you escape time.