Training More than Your Body


54D Website

Rodrigo de Ovando streams from the 54D gym in Miami.

Sara Ortega, Discoverer Staff Writer

The coronavirus pandemic has definitely impacted the lives of everyone around the world. Businessmen, blue-collar workers, and teenagers who used to stick to daily routines are currently struggling to maintain a balanced life and to adapt to a new way of living. Out of all the activities that have grown during the past months, exercise is probably the most popular. 

54D is a results-based training program founded by Rodrigo Garduño, a former professional soccer player. This improved version of a gym utilizes high-intensity group training, discipline, and commitment to create a new kind of workout. Forced to re-invent themselves during isolation, both Garduño and Rodrigo de Ovando, head coach of the trainers, opened a space for everyone around the world to participate in daily training sessions for free. 

Training without a gym can be very easy through social media these days. 54D serves as proof of how important working out is for everyone to be physically and mentally healthy. It is also the best platform or program for people to make this possible. 

Without the need for any equipment or much space, people from all around the world can connect to the 54D training through Instagram Live, for free. Before the quarantine, Garduño, who describes himself as “old school” had never implemented social media in his business. In fact, he didn’t believe it was possible to achieve results from such a form of working out. 

“I am amazed at how big this movement has become, and the impact it is generating in the whole world. We started with 2,000 people and now we have more than 30,000 people training with us daily,” Garduño said in an interview with La Nube. 

Garduño demonstrates how social media is one of the best and easiest ways for people to train at home without making any excuses. Quarantine is a time during which many people are going through tough times. Therefore, working out is key to having emotional and mental health. Also, the fact that it doesn’t require equipment makes it very accessible for everyone.

With the goal of creating a global movement different from what most fitness influencers provide, the two Mexican coaches make the training very exciting and interactive. 

What makes Garduño’s workouts special is the environment he creates, by inviting special guests and coming up with new ideas to motivate people. The two coaches have managed to gather 90,000 people simultaneously connected to their daily training. Among these are many celebrities: from professional athletes to models and social media influencers. Given these results, the brand decided to create a new “generation” of people to simulate what they do at the actual program. This project allowed anyone to subscribe for free to receive virtual recovery sessions and meal plans to complement the workouts. “Before I was part of 54D in Bogotá, I had tried a lot of different gyms and online training apps. None of them ever helped me achieve the results I reached here. What these guys do is unbelievable,” Camilo Londoño, a 54D member in Bogotá, said.

54D proves that people who are committed and motivated will have great results in both their bodies and emotional states. Furthermore, it demonstrates how there are no excuses for not working out, by making the routines easy to access and perform. The brand has taken online training to a whole new level and will definitely open up the doors for many people to start implementing exercise in their daily routines even after quarantine is over. 

The company is currently working forward to integrate the brand into the global fitness market. This will be achieved through the creation of an app that will be launched in the near future. Although the app will have a cost, the fact that they have provided a bunch of weeks of free training guarantees that people are already familiar and comfortable with how everything works. “I don’t know what my life would have been without 54D, I think I would still be looking for ways to make exercise fun and encouraging,” Manuela Arroyave, a 54D follower, said. This shows how 54D has opened people’s minds about the benefits of training online as well as how important exercising every day is for staying healthy. Unlike many other platforms, this one has demonstrated that they have been able to maintain people motivated for a long period of time. 

Garduño always cheers everyone up and makes the training something more than regular gym routines. However, for many people, the amount of time he spends talking and inviting guests is too much. He is even criticized through the live video chats for never starting on time and speaking too much during the workouts. Exercising at home has boomed during the quarantine, especially after the huge movement led by 54D. Garduño has shown everyone the importance of getting up during hard times and never quitting. 

“We train something more powerful than your body,” Garduño often says.