Stealth and Action; Deadbolt is Here to Stay

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Stealth and Action; Deadbolt is Here to Stay

Gregorio Lince, Discoverer Staff Writer

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Deadbolt, a new type of action game where you assume the place of the grim reaper, has just hit computers all around the world. The game features an inmersing story and insane fighting mechanics, as well as providing a stealth aspect that is not featured in many action games. The dark and broody scenery, along with the soundtrack,  complement the violent gameplay quite well; these all come together to make an amazing game. Let the reader be warned, however; the game is hard. It is extremely frustrating, and the player must be ready to spend a long time on each level, figuring out the correct approach to beat it. That difficulty, however, brings a higher sense of satisfaction when beating the game; there’s nothing like beating Deadbolt.

The game features an insane array of electronic/chill dark music that give the story a dark environment and feel. While other games usually include epic music, usually orchestra, this game takes a different approach through dark and chill tunes. The music is incredible, all of the soundtrack. It excels at providing the atmosphere the game is going for; a dark, mysterious place the main character must navigate.

Another extremely important aspect of any game are the graphics. These are pixelated; the pixel artwork, as simplistic as it might seem, never omits any detail, providing the player a scene that feels real. Along with the pixel graphics, the game is a 2d platformer, akin of those old school games such as Mario or Sonic. It differs from most games nowaday that strive for realistic, detailed graphics; this game is simplistic, yet paints the player a picture of a dark brooding scene. The artstyle fits the game perfectly. The gore, even though it might not seem like it, fits splendidly with the pixel graphics.

Deadbolt provides extremely hard, fast paced action/stealth mechanics which the player must master in order to slaughter the monsters each level comes with. The mechanics are very similar to those of vintage games Metroid and Castlevania, dubbing the hard fast-paced action genre Metroidvania. It is a tough game, requires practice, and the player must learn to control frustration or just might end up punching a hole through their screen; the game is hard. The player can choose from an array of creative weapons, from guns to a scythe, to make a massacre out of each level. It is insane; no other way to describe it. Nonetheless, the player must be ready to spend a long time on each level, as well as dealing with frustration on an every-level basis.

The replay value of Deadbolt might be the only aspect in which it fails to deliver. After one completes the game, the only other option is to replay the levels on a new hard-mode. Players who don’t mind repetition might enjoy it, but many players might want to put the game down after a single playthrough. Most games with a story do not have much a replay value, and Deadbolt is not an exception. The verdict; the replayability of the game is almost non-existent.

For the game, the player assumes the role of the reaper; a skeletal mercenary whose orders come from a fireplace in a lonely house by a pier. As the reaper, you must kill different kinds of monsters to take down a drug organization. The story is for a mature audience; it is not intended for children or people who don’t like gore. Unlike other games, Deadbolt has an obscene amount of both gore and violence. It is not for the faint of heart and the easily nauseated. However, gore aside, the creative and twisted story is the last puzzle piece that make an amazing game. It is the creative and twisted story that makes the last puzzle piece that fits into an amazing game. 

Overall, the game delivers in every aspect, excluding the replayability, of course. The amount of content comes at a fairly low price; it is completely worth it. Few games are as fun or as engaging as this one; Deadbolt is a never seen before game of its kind.