Pablo Molina on ‘New Training Regimen: A Game Changer for Soccer Team’

Pablo Molina , 8th grader.

Date: February 19, 2021

Dear Editors, 

I read the article “New Training Regimen: A Game Changer for Soccer Team” written by Sebastian Uribe.

One thing that I learned from reading this article is that the high school soccer team changing its ways of training so that each player can reach their full potential and perform with great skill in each game. One of the things that I most admire about Uribe’s writing is that he used quotes to support his evidence, which hooked me to read the article and made it fun to do so. I learned even more about what is happening in high school’s soccer team. Moreover, I consider that this topic and this article is appealing for the audience because it is interesting and fun to read, as you can learn about methods that could help you perform at your best level while playing soccer, while also knowing what the players think about these new methods and if they’re truly working. Some information that I wanted to know and was not included in the article was where Urbano Mesa got the implementation idea from, and why those methods were the most optimal for his team.  In addition, I would have liked that Uribe had written where these methods were chosen from and why, to know background information about them and if they could be used by future generations of high schoolers. Overall, I really liked reading this article, and I learned something about the school that I have never heard of before.


Pablo Molina