Miguel Sanin on ‘First Semester of Basketball Season Canceled’

Miguel Sanin

English 8 Section 2

Date: 19/2/2021


Dear Editors,


I read the article “First Semester of Basketball Season Canceled” by Esteban Botero, and I really liked it because first of all, it was interesting, as it spoke about one of the many problems that COVID-19 has brought to sports. Second of all, I really liked the article because it mentioned some of the main basketball players in high school, and the quotes were very related to the topic and show how all of the basketball players were sad, angry, and disappointed that the Binational games were canceled. Finally, the thing I liked the most is that the article showed both sides of the story. For example, it states that the players were disappointed but also understood the situations, and that that they believe that future generations will continue the team. I think that something that you could improve on is giving background knowledge because there might be some people that don’t know what Binational games are, and they wouldn’t know why they are so important, which means they won’t understand the article but in general. However, it was very good. 



Miguel Sanín