Martin Uribe on ‘8th Grade Trip Changes Destination After Years of Tradition’

Martin Uribe , 8th grader.

Date: February 19, 2021

Dear Editors,

I read ‘8th Grade Trip Changes Destination After Years of Tradition,’ by Juan Pablo Perez Mejia. I found this article really interesting because I learned about the trips that we have had in Middle School, and how they had been a tradition for four years when the article was written. I also learned about the dynamic of the new trip to the Tatacoa, and how the arrival and return work. I liked how Mejia explained why the school changed the trips from La Guajira to the Tatacoa Desert and why it’s safer now. I admire the author’s writing because he supported his evidence with quotes and included the opinion of some students about how they like the new trip. It was really valuable that he took his time to ask the community and include their opinions. Personally, I think this is a great way to present evidence. Additionally, I think this topic is really appealing because students like me have always asked ourselves why the trip to La Guajira changed; with this article, students can answer their questions and inform themselves about the new trip to the Tatacoa. I also think that this topic is interesting because students can be excited about this trip and know what they’re going to do and how the dynamic is going to be. I think that this article is really complete, but I would like to know a little more in detail about the activities that are done in Timbalí. Finally, I think this is a great article because it resolves students’ doubts about the trip change in 8th grade while letting the community know about students’ opinions.  



Martin Uribe