Luciano Jaramillo on ‘To Serve as a Leader’

Art of Fiction 1, Section 4

Date: February 12, 2021

Dear Editors,

In the article “To Serve as a Leader,” 2017 alumni Ricardo Jaramillo writes about how being the school’s personero was a life-changing experience because it helped him find himself. Throughout the article, he talked about how at first, he didn’t have any clue about what he wanted to do, study, or was passionate about. I can relate to this, especially right now, because of what I am going through.  I am intrigued and indecisive about my future, and just like Ricardo, I do not know what moves me. In the end, his advice turns out to be helpful for any high school student that is going through the same situation. Moreover, I admire how he addressed his personal experience and thoughts. He was so direct and honest that it makes the article so engaging. It is an appealing topic for The Discoverer’s audience since it gives high school students tips and advice for their future. Furthermore, this article demonstrates how small and “simple” things can turn out to be, and you never know which will be the light in your path. 


 Luciano Jaramillo González