Isabel Acosta on ‘The Unattainable Ideal of Beauty’

English Class: English 8, Section 2 

Date: February 19, 2021

Dear Editors,

Today, I read the article titled The Unattainable Ideal of Beauty by Andrea Perez. Overall, I believe that the editorial was powerful and manifested a crucial message about social media and its impacts on our society. It explicitly talks about how people – especially women- are pressured every day to fall entirely into this unattainable idea of beauty and perfection, a prevalent issue in today’s world.

The article’s writing and the writer’s delivery were excellent, with proper academic vocabulary and professional language, making her message clear and strong. The author supported her writing with many data and backed up her opinion along with statistics and recent facts. The author’s perspective was clear, and she discreetly gave her opinion on the subject without altering the ideas or the fact that she expressed in her article. Strong arguments were included, such as the Barbie example. Something that was thought to be okay turned out to be a harmful doll that brainwashed women to believe they have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful. The author brought this issue to light delightfully and clearly.       

I agree with the writer’s idea and statement and many other young women who have been victims of this unfair beauty standard that works unfairly for some and on behalf of others. As the author began the article, she made a brief list of the unattainable beauty standards that we have currently, all of which I found to be very astonishing. I have never thought of beauty as a concept this strong. I always believed that one reflects what they believe, meaning that if one considers that they represent beauty, they will reflect such an idea. I never thought that this idea of beauty would ever become a reason for anyone to feel unworthy. The article talks about this issue nowadays and how it was reflected years ago in the 19th century by women being forced to look or act a certain way because of the unfair marketing system that we have had for multiple centuries. 

Overall, I found the article to be remarkably informative and great for raising awareness by the projection of the author’s thoughts and ideas, expressing current issues, and expressing what is wrong in modern society with our ideas of beauty. Fantastic performance and fantastic writing skills.  


Isabel Acosta.