Emilia Quintero on ‘Technology Makes Us Lonely’

English 8 Section 2. 

Date: February 19, 2021

Dear Editors,

When reading the article titled ‘Technology Makes Us Lonely’, I started to notice the importance and relevance of technological advancements. I completely agree with the description and point of view in matters of the benefits, gains, and advantages technology brings. I loved how you put it as a way of improvement for humanity, and all advantages that have been brought. You talked about technology in a certain way while giving background information and historical context, and set it in a clear, well-explained way. I completely agree on the specific part because of that magical way you outlined technology. 

On the other hand, I don’t particularly agree with your point of view regarding the drawbacks or the negative parts of technology. While I do agree with moderation and setting boundaries and guidelines, I don’t think that technology is affecting us in a bad way. Instead, I have found myself to have a very controversial opinion on the topic. I have learned that everything needs a balance and that when you decide on something, you must quit on the other. I believe technological advancements have become one of the best parts of humanity. Technology is a visual representation of human evolution and growth. 

I have come to the conclusion that I learned crucial parts and pieces of technology and its setbacks. I profoundly agree with your point of view regarding moderation and boundaries, but as I said, I feel that there is a greater truth behind technology.  Something else you could have included is the way technology affects other categories and pillars of the world, including economy, relationships, and again, evolution. Even though I have my own point of view, I learned so much from your own, and thoroughly enjoyed the article.



Emilia Quintero