Emilia Quintero on ‘Atheism: Good Without God’

Emilia Quintero , 8th grader.

Dear Marianna Román, 

By only reading your article’s title, I started making connections, as this topic is not only controversial in numerous senses,  but it is also a new one to me, so not much thought has been put into it. As I was reading, every sentence made me look deeper into a topic that is often overlooked or downplayed. The way you described the term atheism gave it a whole new meaning to me. You defined atheism in all different ways anyone could describe because, in the end, it is something that only you, as an individual, can define. 

As I mentioned, the concept of atheism goes into the category of religion, a term that has grown and evolved over the years. You defined this as a concept, or as multiple theories. You mentioned the words “higher power,” giving the whole religious ideology a new meaning. I completely agree with your description of atheism, as I’m still looking into what this means to me. Though it has become a concept behind facts, history, and research, it all comes down to one thing; what religion is to each person. And when you said “We all must remain open to the level of discomfort of being different from others,” I thought about how we will all be different from the rest, in our morals, purposes, or anything that might slightly alter our perception of the world around us and ourselves. Religion is part of these discrepancies. Not only in the sense of being different, but in the sense that after all, religion ends up being part of each individual, and the only effects it should have is on yourself. 

In the end, your article portrayed a topic that the whole world needs to hear. You walked us through the background, the current meaning, and the hypotheticals of atheism while giving life to a topic that hadn’t been exposed or addressed properly. In conclusion, I couldn’t agree more, and I feel that your article is a great portrayal of the topic and is remarkably well written.