Decline of the Reading habit


Valentina Velez, Discoverer Staff Writer

“Reading has cognitive consequences that extend beyond its immediate task of lifting meaning from a particular passage…. Accumulated over time -spiraling either upward or downward- they carry profound implications for a development of a wide range of cognitive capabilities” (“What Reading does for The Mind”, 2019). Reading habits have been declining even science the Television became popular, and even more since other devices have appeared in the picture. Schools and other education centers still encourage reading, but each time less people are reading for pleasure. While reading habits have been going downhill, people are becoming less cult and their IQ percentages have never been worse.

People who don’t read for pleasure tend to be less cult, less active and have less initiative toward participation in society. “Literary readers are more than 3 times as likely as non-readers to visit museums, attend plays or concerts, and create artworks of their own. They are also more likely to play sports, attend sporting events, or do outdoor activities.”(“To Read or Not to Read”, 2019). By losing the habit of reading, people are becoming lazier and more inclined towards technology than participation in society, also research has found that people are less inclined to participate in both civic and cultural activities, they are being distracted so they don’t follow with their duties as part of a society. The abomination of technology has drawn to the decreases of reading which in turn has made our society become more ignorant in general knowledge.

The lowered IQ scores is another consequence of the poor habit of reading that has come hand in hand with technology advances.  Studies showed that reading has an strong correlation with other academics and social achievements. Studies have shown that the kids whose homes have more than 10 books score lower in math tests than, those kids whose homes have more than 100 books. As reading has cognitive consequences that has a good effect of your knowledge, when people decide not to read their abilities will not be developed as easily. “On the SATs it was really quick, easier than for some other people because I have developed a lot of skills by reading that are necessary in the SATs for example knowing good vocabulary or being able to read the passages quickly,” Alejandro Escobar, 11th grade TCS students, said. Reading will come hand in hand with other improvements not just socially but academically, but non readers will suffer of a slower advance in academic subjects and will adapt less cognitive abilities.

On the other side many say that not every genre can give you all of this qualities that were mentioned before, such as science fiction, novels and more of the type. And those genre are the most popular for people that actually do enjoy reading, so they say that the decline in culture and IQ is not based on the habits of reading.  But reading every type of book can expand your vocabulary and you abilities to understand what you read, complex or not complex. By reading any book you develop abilities to see situations in many points of view and have a faster and realistic way of solving problems. It also expands you field in general knowledge which helps you with logic and reason.  

If you want to have good cognitive abilities, be a cult person and have your IQ level increase you have to establish a reading habit. The consequences of not having that are high and it will make you appear in sight of the rest of society as ignorant, not as smart and will affect your job. Trying any genre, of your choice will start a habit that will benefit you tons.



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