New History Teacher Arrives on Campus


New High School History Teacher Timothy Revels assists a student.

Timothy Revels, an Illinois native from Austin, Texas, is the new 9th-grade History Teacher, who started at TCS halfway through Bimester II and replaced former history teacher Sam McVay.

Revels could not begin Bimester II  because his work visa was delayed in Bogota. The paperwork eventually cleared on October 28th, and Revels taught his first class on November 2nd. Students have noticed a positive impact with some improving their grades and being more productive in class.

“I like the fact that students are encouraged to do independent work. And the teacher like myself is just a guide, where we are not giving them all of the information but encouraging them to find the information for themselves and guiding them through that process,” Revels said.

Revels first started teaching more than 17 years ago coaching basketball and American Football. After 10 years of teaching sports, he switched to history. As to why he started teaching, he says his family was a big inspiration.

“My mom inspired me to teach because even though she was not a teacher, she taught us a lot of things around the house and I know the impact that she had on me. I want to have that same impact on other people, and since I don’t have kids, I gotta have that impact on my students,” Revels said.

In the few months that Revels has been in the school, he has noticed that students are very independent, and each one is smart in their own way. Despite the fact that Revels is doing well in Colombia, inevitable obstacles have appeared.

“The challenges of teaching in Colombia besides the language of course, because I want to learn Spanish more even though I know I have to teach in English, is the cultural difference. The cultures are very different,” Revels said.

Revel’s students also seem to like his teaching style and personality. Some even say that his teaching style has gotten them better grades in history class.

“I like how he is really flexible, and he has a whole new fresh opinion about the school. He teaches every class like a new professor,” Simon Ferer, Grade 9, said.

Human Geography Teacher and Social Studies Department Coordinator thinks Revels is adjusting well to the TCS community.

“It’s tough to come in midway through a year and become a teacher and build those relationships with the kids, and I think he is doing a really good job focusing on that,” Summers said.

Even though Revels is still adapting to Colombia and his new job, he makes sure to always give his one hundred percent, and make his family proud from across the seas.

“What keeps me going is that I grew up and we did not have a lot. We were very poor when I grew up, and I knew through hard work and taking advantage of good opportunities that came my way that you can be successful,” Revels said.