COSMUN 2022 Opens Pre-Inscriptions


COSMUN Pre-Inscriptions poster

Pre-inscriptions for COSMUN 2022 have opened and are available for students interested in participating in this year’s event March 1-4.  

The purpose of the pre-Inscriptions is to check the student’s eligibility to participate in the event. In order to participate, students can not be failing more than two classes, have no faltas graves, and have good attendance. The COSMUN board decided to open the pre inscriptions on November 29  to give the administration enough time to review the academic profile of the students interested. 

“We need to know who is interested in the event and start planning the schools we need to talk to depending on the students interested in the event and check how they do in school. The pre inscriptions are a crucial step in the organization of the event,” Sofia Valencia, General Secretary, said. 

The directors in charge of analyzing each profile submitted on the applications will have time during the December break in order to announce who is able to continue the inscription process that will open in January. 

“We open them right now so the administration can look at students’ eligibility, there are occasions where we have to recheck a student’s academic profile before the inscription so we can save time in the future,” Santiago Villegas, Assistant Secretary, said. 

This year, participants need to make their registration payment before the end of February. The cost of this year’s event is still not established but is expected to cost between COP $150,000 – $200,000. 

“I wouldn’t consider COSMUN expensive. I have participated in UN models all my life and I can say the experience, logistics, and the event itself is worth it. It is a very enriching experience,” Maria Jaramillo, Historical Security Council President, said.

COSMUN 2022 brings new challenges due to the biosecurity measures. Committees only have capacity for 20 delegates each, and there is intense planning behind every decision the board makes.

“We have had to ask for permissions for everything. Not only to carry out the event itself but to decide what schools to invite and the logistics behind it. We are under the supervision of the biosecurity committee and this adds extra stress to the board having to ask for permission on every move and idea,” Villegas said.

 The board is hard at work looking for new sponsors that can be part of the event. Trying to avoid agglomerations, their ideas and sponsors are limited to the biosecurity protocols. 

“The most challenging thing at the moment has been looking for sponsors willing to participate at the event. It is very overwhelming to organize and plan everything and have to wait for the school to approve it, especially ideas we want to incorporate with the sponsors like food trucks,” Sara Gutierrez, Logistics Vice President, said.

The logistics team is also involving students in the preparation of the event by inviting them to participate in painting different canvases with High School Art Teacher Gloria Velez.

“COSMUN is an opportunity to grow as a person, a student, a speaker. Even if you are not participating as a delegate, you are part of a community even working as logistics and press,” Valencia said.