Class of ‘24 Ready to Rock The Road 


Class of ’24 during their Grade 8 graduation in 2020.

Entering school freshman year through a Zoom meeting, the Class of ‘24 was told “These next four years will fly by.” Rolling their eyes and checking their friends’ reactions on the bottom left screen, the freshmen paid no attention. In the blink of an eye, flash forward to their senior year, and many struggle to come to terms with the fact that high school is ending, and many more fear the future and what it has in store for them.

The class of ‘24 is already starting to feel the first hints of senioritis, and their year has not even started! For many soon-to-be seniors, graduation is a form of liberty, but for others, a scary step toward uncertainty and adulthood. But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here is what the Class of ‘24 has to say about entering their senior year.  

Can you describe your emotions and thoughts as you approach your senior year?

Almost every student awaits for the day to put on their graduation cap, but for TCS students, a day to truly remember with great pride is rocking the Senior Hoodie on the last-first day. This day marks the way for the rest of the year, opening the doors for all the freedoms that come along with it. 

“Not only am I overwhelmed by the emotions as I approach senior year, but I am also extremely thoughtful of what the future holds for me. I am sad as I realize I need to part ways with my friends and classmates, but excited to start a new chapter in my life. I can’t wait to make memories in Cartagena, San Andres, the last-first day, and Halloween. These moments are things we have been waiting for our whole life since we were in K4. Looking past all of the confronting emotions I am currently feeling, I can’t wait to see where our college life leads us and how we will meet again in the future,” Amalia Sierra, Grade 11, said.  

“As I approach my senior year, I can’t help but feel a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts. Excitement, nostalgia, and a hint of bittersweetness. My love for my school and my friends makes this upcoming milestone particularly significant. Since I will be taking on new challenges but building lasting friendships and creating the best memories ever,” Tomas Villegas, Grade 11, said. 

Can you discuss any specific college or career plans you have in mind for after graduation, and how your senior year will help shape those plans?

Many students dive head first into their senior year, ready to give it their all and have a year to remember. However, senior year also aims to prepare students to enter college, equipping them with the global skills, competencies, and knowledge needed to achieve a successful future.

“After senior year, my plan is to attend college in the US or London with the aim of broadening my horizons and securing a rewarding career. During my senior year, I will actively pursue this goal by enrolling in multiple AP classes, actively participating in extracurricular activities, taking on leadership roles in various projects, and crafting strong college applications. Additionally, I intend to cherish my final year with friends and ensure that I have fun and make the most of the experience,” Eva Morales, Grade 11, said. 

“I would like to study computer science and financial engineering so that in the mid-term future, I can create my own technology company.  In my senior year, I plan on continuing my studies and becoming more informed on topics such as financial math and coding. I will also continue participating in extracurricular school activities to acquire experience on how to create a real and meaningful impact on society. Based on this, my future decisions could vary,” Pablo Arango, Grade 11, said. 

How do you envision your role as a Senior in terms of leadership and mentoring younger students in your school?

Starting high school and entering the cafeteria as a 9th grader can be a scary experience, but there is always someone we can look up to. “I want to be just like her in a few years,” is a thought that crosses many Grade 9 students’ minds when seeing all the Seniors lead important projects in the school. 

“As a senior, my role in terms of leadership and mentorship for younger students in my school would be empathetic, focusing on guiding, inspiring, and supporting their personal and academic growth. I aim to set a positive example for younger students, ensuring they have the best possible school experience. Additionally, I believe in the importance of encouraging involvement in activities such as TOM, COSMUN, and NHS. These opportunities provide numerous chances to learn and grow as individuals,” Mariana Mesa, Grade 11 said. 

“As a senior, I envision connecting with the little kids more than any other year. At the end of the day, it is my last year at school and it would be extremely meaningful to solidify bonds with the whole TCS community. I would love to be able to connect with elementary students, and offer them advice since they are entering adolescence,” Emiliana Gomez, Grade 11, said. 

As you reflect on your high school journey thus far, are there any valuable lessons you’ve learned that you’d like to share with incoming students?

During this time, it might not feel like much, but high school years are often the best years of your life. It is a constant learning experience that is not only taught in a classroom or measured by a grading scale. Whether you know it or not, many of the lessons you learn in high school will set you up for the rest of your life.

“Through high school, I have learned that particularly at this moment, friends hold immeasurable importance in our life. If I could give advice to my younger self I would tell him to cherish the friends that he meets in kindergarten because they will be the ones that get him through this journey,” Pablo Londoño, Grade 11, said. 

“The most important lesson I have learned these past years is to enjoy and value every moment we spend in school. It’s easy to get caught up in the routine and to spend each day wishing for the next weekend, the next vacation, or even graduation. Yet, it’s as I near the end of high school that I begin to realize that every day we spend at school from Monday to Friday holds much more value than we realize. Those seven hours are filled with priceless memories: laughs with friends, conversations with teachers, and so much more. So, don’t wait until the last day to value the time spent in school. Instead, cherish every moment and value the journey itself,” Valentina Henao, Grade 11, said. 

Are there any specific school events or traditions you’re looking forward to experiencing or participating in during your senior year?

School traditions last for a lifetime. They bring classmates together, foster a sense of community and leave behind a legacy. All the way from the epic Senior entrance to the last-day prank, TCS traditions create lasting memories that serve as a sense of pride and identity. These will become the stories we tell our children about.

“I am very excited about what there is to come this year, and I hope to make the best of it. Apart from all the fun traditions like Cartagena and San Andres, my goal as a senior is to become more involved in school events that leave behind a legacy. For instance, I am very excited for this year’s COSMUN and TOM, I will definitely be signing up,” Tomas Saldarriaga, Grade 11, said.

“I am truly looking forward to experiencing the Senior Halloween entrance. I remember feeling the excitement of seeing my cousins walk the runway with their colorful costumes and their smiles from ear to ear. I want to continue this tradition and put a smile on the faces of the younger students, making sure our entrance is iconic and remembered forever,” Maria Echeverri, Grade 11, said. 

How do you think your experiences and achievements in high school have prepared you for the challenges and opportunities that await you in your senior year?

High school is indeed a significant learning pool that provides numerous opportunities for growth and development. It serves as a stepping stone towards adulthood, equipping students with essential knowledge, skills, and experiences that prepare them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, particularly in their senior year.

“The academic rigor in previous years has honed my time management and task balancing skills, which will prove invaluable as I approach my classes in the upcoming senior year. Moreover, these skills will greatly assist me in navigating the stress of college applications, allowing me to effectively manage deadlines, prioritize tasks, and present myself confidently to prospective universities,” Sofia Gomez, Grade 11, said. 

“High school has provided ample opportunities for extracurricular involvement. My participation in clubs and community service have fostered teamwork, leadership, and time management skills. Engaging in these pursuits has taught me the value of balancing responsibilities and prioritizing commitments, which will be crucial in my senior year when I face increased academic rigor and additional responsibilities like college applications,” Jeronimo Mejia, Grade 11, said.