AP Exams: Unlocking Academic Excellence


NYOS charter school

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116 HS students took AP exams between May 2-May 26 at TCS as in order to earn  college credits  and demonstrate academic rigor.

208 Exams were taken by HS students in the Music rooms. 17 courses offered the exams and were protected by Dina Rechani, College Counselor, Britta McCarthy, Curriculum Coordinator, among others.

“Most of the AP Exams I took didn’t come from the plans I have for my future. Instead, I signed up for all of the exams to challenge myself both academically and intellectually regardless of whether I passed or not,” Simon Alvarez, Grade 10, said. 

The exam with the most test takers was AP Spanish Language and Culture with 65 students, while the exam with the least enrollment was AP biology with 1 student.

“I took the AP Exams because I saw them as opportunities to get credits for my future career. To be more specific, I took the Ap Language, Spanish, and Human Geography exams, all subjects that I consider relevant for my future career in areas involving Language and culture,” Matias Arismendi, Grade 10, said.

Some late AP exams dates were postponed due to the fatal accident on May 19 in front of TCS. 11 students took the late test during the last week of May.

“Even though the exam was postponed and I had already studied for that date, I think it gave me more time to prepare the last details,” Samuele Ranni, Grade 11, said. 

The exam scores will be reported on Wednesday July 5th. Most US, Colombian and international universities accept these exams for credit if students get a passing score of 3 or above. The AP exam score needed to validate the course may vary depending on the college criteria. 

 “I think that taking AP exams demonstrates one’s willingness to challenge himself academically. College admissions often look for these types of characteristics when recruiting students for colleges, therefore, taking AP Exams regardless if you passed them or not can potentially give you an advantage,” Alvarez said.

Students that had more than three AP exams were granted class time to study for the test. Students had to make-up for the missed work after the exam season. 

“I think this privilege was a great help for me, having extra time to study for those challenging tests helped me decrease my stress about the exams,” Sofia Gomez, Grade 11, said.

 In Q2 Mccarthy presented to all AP clases the exam benefits and payment plans. Afterwards, students were given until October to decide wheather or not they will take the exam. Deal brakers for the decision included: high exam cost, exam dates and exam benefit upon the individuals carreer path. 

“The experience during the exams was relieving since you are leaving behind a year of preparation and stress. Besides, all of what was seen in the exam was tought previously in class, so all the preparation payed off,” Arismendi said.