STUCO Elections Conclude, 4 New Representatives Elected


A STUCO poster advertising the September 13 elections hangs in the entrance to high school.

Elections via Google Forms survey for TCS Student Council concluded September 13 with one student chosen as a representative from grades 9-12. 

This year’s STUCO representatives are: Laura Varela, Grade 9, Joaquin Perez Grade 10, Eva Morales, Grade 11, and Luisa Ceballos, Grade 12.

“I believe I have the potential to be a good representative for my grade and bring changes to the school. There is the common misconception that STUCOS are useless, and this year my purpose is to change this perception and show students what I can do,” Joaquin Pérez, Grade 10, said.

Senior Luisa Ceballos was elected unopposed. Her main goal is to make this a “year to be remembered” by giving importance not only to sports but to the arts and technology.

“As a STUCO I want 12th grade to become more united since it is our last year and I want it to be memorable. I also want to support artistic, sports, and robotic activities,” Ceballos said. 

Eva Morales, who just returned from a one-year exchange in London, won the elections for 11th grade with 52% of the vote. This year she plans on creating more opportunities for social service.

“I want to bring more opportunities for doing social hours, both inside and outside of school. Some of these opportunities would be like traveling to foundations and doing other activities as a grade,” Morales said.

In 10th grade, Joaquín Pérez won with 48% of the vote. Perez’s goal for the year is to make his grade more united by bringing back activities such as integrations, Secret Santa, and study groups.

“I believe that for the correct functioning of any academic institution, one person is needed to lead the groups and to represent the interest of a particular grade,” Juan Carlos Ledezma, Philosophy and Law teacher, said.

Laura Varela, who just joined the school this year, was elected as the STUCO representative for 9th grade and ran unopposed. In her past school in the US, Laura was elected STUCO twice. Varela’s main goal is to build a closer community for her year.

“I ran for STUCO mainly because I find it really interesting. I feel that I can make many changes for the well-being of the students. My plan is to make ninth grade much more united,” Varela said.