Get To Know TCS Vaccination System

Nurse vaccinating student at TCS elementary office

Nurse vaccinating student at TCS elementary office

Cristobal Villegas, Discoverer Staff Writer

The vaccination system at The Columbus School has a wide variety of vaccines, but people aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities that this program offers.

The program has been in the school for more than 10 years, but since a lot of vaccination centers are closing around the city the program has grown exponentially, any affiliate with the school can get vaccinated by just setting an appointment, the free campaigns are done every 3 months and both students and parents can get vaccinated.

“Since the demand has been so big which is good, the vaccines are being applied in big spaces like the coliseum and the theater, and after we achieve the inmunidad de rebaño things will hopefully go back to normal.” Daneila Quintero, TCS Nurse, said.

Paula Lopez the head of security and health at TCS claims that the programs have been really beneficial and the demand is really big, on each campaign around 300 students get vaccinated and some of their parents do too. Lopez’s goal is for the school to reach “inmunidad de rebaño” in order for the situation to improve.

“Most of my friends, most of my colleagues didn’t know about the vaccination that was going on in the school, I think that it could have been better,” Miguel Cardona, TCS 12th grade student, said.

For each campaign the school gets in contact with the lab to request the vaccines, after that they send the information to the parents through email, then if you get enrolled the school nurses will come to your classroom and take you to get the vaccine, after that you are free to go and ready to keep studying.

“If you have the opportunity to do it at school, do it. It is way easier and you get vaccinated right away,” Cardona, said.

Getting vaccinated in school takes around 15-20 minutes depending on the demand and it exempts you from the activities that you might need.

“It’s really easy, it doesn’t affect your day, they just go get you at the class and vaccinate you,” Quintero said.

The program is advertised by sources like schoology or mail and the information only gets to parents.

“I think that it would be better if we got an announcement in schoology or in the hallways, because that would increase the number of students getting vaccinated,” Cardona, said.