Elementary Students Strut Their Stuff


Elementary students who participated in this year’s elementary talent show.

The Elementary school held a music talent show for all upper elementary students, parents, and staff at the TCS auditorium April 22 and 25.

The event was attended and hosted by the upper elementary students, and organized by various teachers. It is meant to showcase different qualities within the student body and was held in person for the first time after the pandemic, which was one of the main focuses for this year’s coordinators. 

“We really wanted the event to be in person since it would bring a lot more people to watch it and enjoy it, making the event as a whole stronger,” Milena Muñoz,  talent show coordinator, said.

For the first time ever the talent show was changed from having all types of performances to only taking into account music ones. The change was because of the pandemic and all the trouble that was planning different kinds of performances created. 

“The children get to present their music and hard work, which makes them very happy since the people around them see it, which is why we really liked making it about music, ” Muñoz said.  

So that the show could be practical there were four performances in total. The first two were for 2nd and 3rd grade and the other two were for 4th and 5th. Additionally, the show was streamed for the parents. 

“I love to show my friends my skills and with the talent show it was super good to do it even though I was nervous,” Martin Villegas, Grade 5, said.

Throughout the show, there was a lot of different music played from classical to rock, pop, and more. Instruments like drums, guitar, flute, trumpet, and artists like Guns N Roses, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, etc were played.  

“All of us played very different instruments like Martin played the drums and I was part of a band, and our friends really liked the different music because it made it fun to watch.” Tomas Llano, a talent show performer said. 

Talent Shows are really important for the student body since it allows students to demonstrate skills that they would not be able to. Through the talent show, their abilities are appreciated and they find a safe place to be in.  

“I really look forward to the talent shows because students get to demonstrate their skills and it is obvious how happy it makes them perform and be appreciated,” Muñoz said.  

 The talent show is a crucial event for the elementary community, bringing people together by giving all the staff, students, and parents something in common. 

“I am really looking forward to next year’s talent show and hope that it can be even bigger and better than this year, especially since I know how impressed everyone, not only the students but the teachers get by seeing their peers perform. It really is an incredible event,”  Muñoz said.