X-Block, Golden Time for Middle Schoolers


Nicolás Escobar Gómez

Six Grader raising her hand for help during X-Block

Nicolás Escobar Gómez, Discoverer Staff Writer

Middle School students are using the X-Block period every other Thursday to reduce the amount of homework and are expressing a desire for more time in school to study. 

Since September, MS students get an  X-Block every two weeks, a one-hour space in which they can work on any class, finish the work they did not complete, or get help from a teacher. This period benefits many students and makes them want more of these intervals to study at school.  

“They are giving us opportunities to do the work that we are missing and to go to the teacher [we need to talk to] and [converse]  with them about work. [We can also] do the homework we have [assigned],” Martin Robles, eighth-grader, said.  

Additionally, X-Block is allowing students to work on upcoming assignments in order to be up to date with all classes and arrive home being stressfree. 

“Sometimes I don’t have time at home so I work on the homework that I don’t have time to do,” Antonia Velez, seventh-grader, said. 

Many students think the aims and goals of the school administration are “hitting the nail on the head” by fulfilling large parts of the expectations. Also, the students in MS consider feedback essential for a program like X-Block to succeed.   

“Our aim really is to give kids time, time in the school day to get their work done,” James Bandura, Middle School Vice-Principal, said.

Although it is working out well for some, others are concerned that X-Block is not productive for all students. Some claim that because X-Block is every two weeks instead of every week, not enough work gets done. 

“It’s not very good because you lose your time when you can do other stuff you need to do,” Miguel Gonzales, sixth-grader, said.

However, students in favor of X-Block want more time, which could be provided by eliminating the advisory class every other Thursday (when there is no X-Block). 

 “I think they are teaching us something that we already know and things that are very obvious, and we are losing [precious] time to do the [assigned] homework that we do during X-Block,” Robles said.  

Even so, the vast majority seem to enjoy X-Block regardless of the limited time and take advantage of all the opportunities and benefits X-Block permits them to have, and use this time productively.

“I like X-Block because it’s free time for the students to do their homework at school, and [in which I can help my friends and they can help me].,” Manuel Londoño, sixth-grader, said.