The debate over COSMUNs dates

Highlighted in green we can see COSMUNs new dates.

Highlighted in green we can see COSMUNs new dates.

Miguel Salazar, Discoverer Staff Writer

The change from Cultural Week to March 7-10 was made possible after the COSMUN’s secretariat finessed High School directives into making this change that will allow more debate time.

Federico Caro lead the COSMUN secretariat team into convincing Roger Arbabi and High School directives that changing the dates was in everyone’s interest since it allowed a more productive and long debate.

“The previous dates were in the middle of April and it was a Monday thru wednesday, the new dates are March 7 to 10 which is Wednesday thru Saturday. The previous dates were not bad it’s just it was 1.7 times less debate [time]. We did the calculations and we proved that if we moved the dates to the seventh to tenth we could have 1.7 times more debate. It is also much more comfortable to have a model at the end of the week, it’s just better,” Said Caro.

This extremely dedicated team went above and beyond to insure that this COSMUN was planned strategically so that all members of the TCS community and MUN community in Medellin could easily commit to signing up for this event. Caro and his team’s ability to persuade and create and argument is exceptional and is exactly what is learned in events like COSMUN.

“With my two undersecretary generales we did a powerpoint presentation in which we show, that it was much more beneficial both academically and logistically for everyone in the team to do inauguration on Wednesday and instead of not having an inauguration at all or having it on Monday. We also proved that it was better to have model at the end of the week, besides Copa [Columbus] also needed to be at the end of the week. So both events couldn’t be at the same time,” Recalled Caro.

Many members of the COSMUN Chair were opposed to the dates from the beginning because that knew that having the event early in the week and so near to Copa Columbus would harm the events success since a large amount of people would be discouraged to missing a whole week of school and potentially having a schedule that conflicts would barely leave them with the time catch up on school work and would leave them exhausted at the end of the week. Ricardo Perez a veteran in these simulations locally, national and international was one of these members that could sense that the previous dates would end up harming COSMUN.

“I feel like the new dates will allow this year’s COSMUN to be much more productive and appealing for the delegates because by allowing more debate time, we can reach more elaborates solutions and delegates have a better chance to demonstrate their capacities and apply their knowledge because the time would allow it,” expressed Perez.