School workers break their back to get new block ready


This is how the school construction is going so far.


The school has been working stopless to get the new block of the school ready for the beginning of the next school year in August.

The school have invested almost 4000  million pesos to get this new block ready. This new section of the campus, is going to hold the administration which is currently placed in middle school, and a new library that would replace the current one that is located in high school.

“The total value for this school project was around 3,150 million pesos, but the budget is of 3,800 million pesos because  there are always unforeseen problems.”Juan Fernando Mesa, the administrator of schools services said.

This construction have an average of 30 workers per day, which are now doing the structural work, that is finishing up all the inside structure.It is programmed to be done in June, but of course  it won’t be opened right away, since they have to move all the offices from the administration into it.

” Our rush to finish the administrative part of the new block is because we need the space that administration occupies in middle school to construct and reform it to build new classrooms for the extra class that the 5th graders generation and lower grades have” Mesa added.

The new generations of the school that go from 5th grade and lower, are bigger grades, they have an average of around 130 students, so for them to fit in middle school, the administration part has to be reformed into new classrooms, so for this the administration has to move as soon as possible.

” We don’t have any rush in finishing the library floor, because we have another extra 3 years before the bigger grades get to high school, so we have a preliminary plan of how it is going to be but it’s nothing definitive, we think that at the end, the library is not going to look similar as how it is in the plan today.There are still three years more until the bigger generations get to high school so the moving of the library is on hold for now. The construcción has to be done by next year, but the plan and moving of the actual library is on hold for now.” Mesa stated

The workers are working as fast as they can and everything is going as planned because they know that the school need this block for june since they need to move fast.

“The constructores know that they have to be done by jury so they are working instantly to be done on time.” Fernando Gomez the foreman said.  

“The moving of the administration should start in seven weeks, we still don’t know how we are going to do it, but I assure you that we will make it.” Mesa added.