New Library Platform Offers 1000’s of Book Titles



A student searches for a title using the new Overdrive platform in the HS/MS Library.

Juan Martin Echeverry, Discoverer Staff Writer

Overdrive, a new platform in the HS/MS library, is being implemented and enables teachers and students to rent digital books and provide more reading options.

The system works by logging in on SORA platform used to launch Overdrive and searching for a book or textbook you need after that you check out for a limited time or by check-outs depending on the student or teacher.

“We pay at the beginning of the school year for the platform, this is going to be like the trial for us this is not for free because we had to buy the content,” Connie Gonzales, MS/HS Librarian, said.

Overdrive is run by the platform SORA to date its main goal in school is to open the possibilities to teachers and students to get books and textbooks they need, replacing the limited variety we currently have with more and better titles.

“It’s gonna be ready for you whenever you need it, so mainly we bought the platform to make it easy for the students to read online textbooks or the books they have in class,” Gonzales, said.

Overdrive is open to all literature not only the books teachers aging but it also has poems, textbooks and all the different titles you need.

“We are looking for titles that the teachers are using if they are using textbooks so the idea is to have all the books and textbooks that you have in the classroom converted into ebooks.” Gonzales, said.

Overdrive has most of the titles worldwide so it’s easier for students to find the titles they are looking for, It will eliminate the issue of a limited amount of one title.

“It’s a worldwide platform full of ebooks just to let everybody read, it has a lot of titles on it so we can select all the titles that teachers want or the students,” Gonzales, said.

The price of books and textbooks that students use in class are expensive, Overdrive is looking into having these textbooks online for the students to avoid these costs.

“For me, it is worth it because textbooks are so expensive if they are in print so I think it is better and it’s cheaper because they don’t sell the book itself but they sell the access,” Gonzales, said.

Reading online can bring benefits for students, although the positives its harder for some students to concentrate reading online rather than in print.

“It has the benefit that its way cheaper everywhere you go you have a phone but also you have many distractions,” Pedro Barrera, Student, said.