New Library construction promising better students


This is the current construction in TCS, its going to be finished on September 2018

Jeronimo Posada, The Discoverer Staff Writer

New library is currently in construction as a way to create a better space for students to develop their academic skills.

The new library is planned to be finished by the end of September to give the students the privilege of more space and a lot of new materials. This library will be for middle and high school and it is being built because the current one didn’t have enough space for having students and classes there. The current library space is going to be used for more classes now that there are more students coming to middle and high school.

“This new library would help the student organization and development at school because we would also have places there were they can study and concentrate more,” said Connie Gonzales, The Columbus School High School librarian.

The library is going to provide a lot of space because it’s planned for the students to go there and study, perform different activities, or use it as whatever it might be needed for.

“The library is really big because we determine that this library would have different trends, so if the library trends are to have collaborative job there for example, we would have different spaces for different reasons,” Gonzales explained.

Because the school has been accepting more students these last years, more classroom space is needed in High School, which is what the current library will be.

“We decided to create a new library because high school needed more space for classes due to the number of students coming in next year,” Gonzales also said.

Their objective is to get a new and better materials to have the best library possible and for students take advantage of them to improve academically.

“Hopefully with this new materials like computers, iPads, books we are hoping that students really take advantage of this because it would really help them,” said Eliana Lopez, 11th grader helping with the new library.

This huge library will also be available for students to go there and studying with teachers, as groups or also by themselves.

“For some of the students they would provided them to go and study with one teacher like a kind of tutoring where they would concentrate more and have a better understanding,” Lopez explained.