Middle School No Phone Policy

Juan David López Devia, Discoverer Staff Writer

In order for Middle School students to start focusing more in each class, the Middle School teachers have agreed to have a non-phone policy, it is called “Disconnect to Connect”.

The Middle Schools  students had an assembly of this issue, in here the students saw three different videos, one about cellphone addicts, another of how the cellphone is changing you as a person and the last one about the effects that having a cellphone has on the daily life, by looking at a commercial from Thailand.

In schoology Middle School Principal Juan David Lopez, posted a letter to the Middle School parents informing them what is the program “Disconnect to Connect”.

Middle School Counsellor, Carolina Zuluaga, have seen that the students had felt calmed, from the beggining they outraged, they said that they were going to have a strike, but the real situation is that they didn´t, even if some students don´t recognize it but they have realized that the impact on their lives.

“There are many examples, I think that that policy facilitates, for example their concentration and focus on class, previously they used to look at it because they received a message because it´s vibrating, and on the other hand I think that on their social life they also have impact because back then, some where attached to their phones, now that they don´t have it even if it has to be by force they need to talk to people,” Carolina Zuluaga, Middle School Counsellor said.

In the grades from 6th grade to 8th grade some students agree and some strongly dissagree on the idea that this policy should go foward, some are even missing their phone are not following the rules and bringing their phones without the authorites, in this case the teachers or principals getting noticed.

” I do not enjoy having my phone taken for 8 hours a day as is something I constantly use throughout the day and I use it to check in different online media, such as instagram, youtube, and also as source of entretainment, during for example breaks, such as lunch or any freetime,” Sebastian Newcomer, 8th grader, said.

By looking at the opinion of this 8th grader it is seen that he disagrees with this policy and that it takes away what used to entertain them, he misses alot this device, the idea that it is taken from them then it should be something they do.