Middle School Fights Illegal Vending


During school time, a 6th grade vendor sells candy to a Middle School student

Simon Escobar, The Discoverer Staff Writer

6th graders are selling products like gum and candy this year to earn extra money in the Columbus School Middle School, without the permission of the administration.

Some students bring goods to the school and sell during window, passing periods and lunch. The problem is that students are selling their products without permission.

“We are used to the selling in school. I don’t understand why they are trying to take this right away from us now that we are all good persons,” Pablo Candon, 6th grader, said.

Another problem are the low prices. Cheap products are seen due to the issue of taxes, as said before. The students are buying their candy in places that do not tax; this is prohibited by law.

“When you go to el hueco and buy certain stuff with out taxes you are not really being an entrepreneur now that products are considered illegal,” Lopez said.

Unlawful selling has been a problem that the administration have faced for many years. The look for the illegal vendors have increased but there are still students that sell. Thought the school year, the administration have gotten more permission slips.

“This is not a new problem we are facing, we are trying to solve it as calmly as possible. The good thing is that we have acquired many permissions,”Lopez said.

Administrators are keeping a close eye on students who sell without permission, but many hide their products inside their lockers. Students offer the product in class and when they sell it, they go to the locker and grab the item that was ordered.

“Teachers do not let us sell in class, what I sometimes do is that I convince my partners to buy my product, then I ask to go to the bathroom and I go for the product,” an anonymous 6th grade vendor, said.

The 6th grade students are selling for a personal purpose; administration figured out that the money gained is used to spend it out with friends.

“We are finding out the reason of why students sell things without our permission,” Lopez said.

Up to now, prohibition measures have been ineffective; directives have been unable to find an efficient solution that gets rid of the problem once and for all.

“Who doesn’t want easy money, selling without anyone seeing you is pretty easy,” one 6th grade vendor said.