Learning from mistakes


High school socer team, before making the mistake that marked TCS sports forever

Simon Abisaad, Discoverer staff writer

Middle School binationals and TCS have demonstrated that mistakes are not a problem if a lesson is learned, and opportunities are the best way of showing a change. 

Middle School’s binationals have arrived. Taking High School’s experience in their last tournament, Middle School designed a prevention plan to make things better for them. Fights are an example of a lack of sportsmanship and this isn’t what we have been taught at our honorable school.

“Our school was maintaining the possibility of a suspension for the coach and for one of the Middle School players that played in High School binationals. After a reevaluation, the school and the athletic board from SACS decided this wasn’t the best way to teach the lesson,” Luis Fernando Rodriguez, soccer team coach said.

With this being said, its clear that TCS as a school intention is always to make students learn from mistakes and keep them aware of their actions.

“Having the school hold an integration would be a great idea for all school teams, because when you love your team, anger disappears, I would make this with the school psychologists because they are professionals at it,” David Pérez, senior and soccer team member suggested.

Although David loves soccer, and has had clashes during soccer games, Perez knows that the best solution for this type of problems is always being open to learn new things from old mistakes.

“High School should always be the example for Middle School, and we must give them the best example that we can. Even though we can learn things from them, they must also learn from us, and if we are not making the right decisions, they should learn from our mistakes so they won’t repeat them. This way we become successful faster,” Peréz said.

The only way to make successors be successful is not by only teaching what is right, but also showing them what is wrong.

“We have two workshops planned to talk as a team and as a school,” Rodriguez  explained.

This took place before binationals, because it was identified by school that cancelling these binational games was not the most coherent lesson to give to the players. Instead, strategies like workshops, integrations and positive activities will actually make the change TCS expected.

“I think that the school should have a second opportunity,” Peréz expressed.

Short but concrete, opportunities are what allow humans to demonstrate they can change, and that they actually have learned their lessons.

“The best action to show we care about learning is demonstrating sportsmanship, playing with  fair play, and pursuing victory with honor,” Rodriguez clarified.