Go tigers!

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Go tigers!

Maria Garcia The discoverer staff

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Exciting results were seen in Copa Columbus for the middle schooler teams. The girls soccer team made it through the finals and won, the boys soccer team made it to the semi finals.

Copa Columbus took place on October 25th to October 26th, where all the middle school teams work really hard and did their best to succeed.

“I was on the boys soccer team last year. The boys soccer team is really good and I really think the team can win Copa Columbus because it’s a team that has a lot of teamwork and there are really good players. I really wish the best for the team during Copa Columbus,” said Tomas Angel 9th grade student.

The boys soccer team started off really good till they finally got to the semi finals but sadly they lost. Even though the soccer team didn’t get to the finals they were proud of how far they got.

“I think the boys soccer team did a great job, we didn’t get the result we wanted but we still made it really far,” Alejandro Molina 7th grade student.

The boys soccer team felt really proud of how far they got and even though they didn’t get the results they wanted they felt like the time they worked hard and practiced payed off, they boys soccer team showed lots of sportsmanship which is important to have during all the matches

“I couldn’t participate in Copa Columbus because I am injured but I know the girls soccer team can win Copa Columbus because they have been practicing a lot,” said Antonia Pelaez 7th grade student.

The girls soccer team made it through the finals resulting the won of Copa Columbus. The girls soccer team showed really hard work and teamwork during all the matches, they were proud and excited of the outcome.

“It was really exciting when we won because we actually worked really hard and its really refreshing when the hard work pays off.”