Cafeteria Prices Keep Rising


Pedro Echeverri

Grilled chicken Asado plate which can be bought for 12,500 pesos; toppings and salad are optional.

Pedro Echeverri, Discoverer Staff Writer

Increasing prices at The Columbus School cafeteria are discouraging students and staff members from buying products sold at this establishment.

Throughout the 2016/2017 school year the “Asado,” ServiExpress’s most renowned dish, was worth $10,000 COP. This year the Asado is worth $12,000 COP, which is a 20% increase in price compared to 2 years ago, and next year the price is expected to go above $13,000 COP.

“Cafeteria prices have been raised a lot… If they continue rising this way, people are going to stop buying in the cafeteria and start bringing their own food,” Raquel Londoño, 11th grade TCS student, said.

Apart from this, Londoño believes that the food quality provided by ServiExpress doesn’t explain the increase in prices.

“I don’t think that the quality of the cafeteria is the best, that’s why I don’t think that their prices are justified… maybe if the food was more gourmet or healthy it would justify the higher prices,” Londoño said.

In a similar fashion, Simon Montoya, 12th grade TCS student, emphasizes in the negative aspects of the food quality.

“It is horrible but when you are hungry you eat whatever they put on your plate,” Montoya said.

In addition, Montoya focuses on the economic effect the price increases have had on his life since 7th grade.

“During my years in school with Serviexpress, I did complain about the increase in prices. When I was in 7th grade the asado was $7,000 COP, now it is worth $12,000 COP,” Montoya said.

On the other hand, Londoño has made a clear decision. If prices continue to increase then she’ll eat her lunch at home.

“If the prices continue to rise I prefer to eat at my house. I’ll just eat snacks during lunch and then eat at my house because at school it’s really expensive,” Londoño said.