A useful and particular last week of school


Middle school administration office, responsables of the planning

Simon Abisaad, The discoverer, Beat writer

TCS administration has designed a new last week of school, in which thee school is giving the last opportunity for students who need to recoup and help everyone to have an enjoyable and restless vacations.

From June 12 until June 14 Middle School students will have the chance to make up and understand work and topics they couldn’t during the school year. This is a week fully encouraged by the school that truly believes this is helpful and benefits the learning process.

“We are going to create a schedule for each student so they actually only have to come and work on the standards that they need,” Juan David Lopez, Middle school principal, explained.

It’s going to be a much more structured week, in which there is no time to lose, instead a fully productive days to make sure students take advantage from it and achieve their goals in face to the summer.

“For High School and Middle school the schedule is the same, on Tuesday and Wednesday students leave at 1:50, and on Thursday students will leave at 12:30 but you will probably won’t have to be here at every time, instead you will be expected to come at some specific hours,” Roger Arbabi, high school principal clarified.

This year students won’t be searching for teachers or coming at any time, this is because TCS has the purpose of making time with teachers as effective as possible.

¨It’s going to be very focused it’s going to be based on the standards, and the approach is not or students who have failed or passed, its more about students who have not learn well the standards yet,” Lopez specified.

This is not only a recuperation time, but is also a new space and learning time for students who still need the support.

¨We don’t want students to feel that this is a punishment or that they have to extend their time at school, we want the to see this at what it is, a support so that they can actually do better on next school year,” Lopez claimed.

This is not a punishment, instead this is a privilege for students, having the opportunity of being teached in smaller groups, and not receiving tons of works and packages to hand in is the plan middle school and TCS have in order to help students learn and pass their subjects.

“Right now what we are doing is that we are collecting a list of students who will most likely fail a particular class, and we are looking at where do they need help and later on assign them their particular schedule,” Arbabi shared.

Before these three days when the list is ready, students will get to know their schedules, and as always TCS is expecting the best from students and hoping they give the appropriate use to this opportunity which we are lucky to have.

“It’s always good having this type of days at the end of each school year, because it’s really helpful for us, and it’s also cool seeing how teachers who seem careless, become like Carolina Polo in the mission of helping us understand what we need,” Federico Pelaez, 8th grade student expressed.