Eight grade soccer looking for new recruits


Middle soccer team complete before August

Santiago Trujillo, The Discoverer Staff writer

After 8th graders moved on to HS to High School, the Middle School boys soccer team may be in trouble, since they don’t have a backup team formed.

As time passes the Middle School team is being more affected. With a big shortage of good players, the base of the team were the 8th graders, they don’t have much to do than settle for the few good players they have.

“Well, the team is going to be a little bit affected, 8 players were holders in the team (more than half of the team), and because we have to wait for the 7th graders develop their good qualities,” Luis Fernando Rodriguez, Middle School soccer coach, said.

The 7th grade has had a great journey with this team because they know him from two years ago and they are the ones who have to lead this team from now on, the effort has to be double.

“My friends and I are very committed to the team, we want to win binationals since last year we couldn’t, for this reason, we are going to train harder than ever.” Mateo Arango, the 7th-grade soccer player, replied.

For things to go as they should, there has to be a great effort behind everything, when things are proposed and can be done and that is what these little ones have planned with their coach.

“Yes, we are going to have two more days of training, previously they were only Tuesday and Thursday and they are doing four days a week, all this in order to have a more solid team and among the players, there is more confidence to achieve success,” Luis Fernando Rodriguez explained.

This team can’t have the alternative of playing with the 9th grade players, this could be a way for this serious problem they are facing, but the rules are that they are only those of Middle School, the only expectation is that the 6th grade students arrive and that they are a good help for the team.

“Yes, unfortunately we can not count on the help of these great players, to culminate I think that everything with effort can be developed and we will give the best as a team so that we are not so weak and we can have a good year in terms of football” Luis Fernando Rodriguez said (Middle school soccer coach).