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Who Am I Activity Mends Relationships

TCS 12th graders participate in the Who Am I activity August 16.

TCS 12th graders participate in the Who Am I activity August 16.

Courtesy Andres Rendon

Courtesy Andres Rendon

TCS 12th graders participate in the Who Am I activity August 16.

Alejandra Castaño Escobar, Discoverer Staff Writer

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To think differently about themselves and their personal relationships, TCS 9th and 12th graders participated in the activity Who am I, organized by the high school counselors.

There were two phases in the activity, to reflect on their past actions and how those actions had a negative effect on others. The second part gave students an opportunity to apologize. The activity was held in the new library building August 16-17.

“It allows you to express yourself. Students ask for forgiveness or make recognitions that have not had an opportunity to be made. A little bit of catharsis and relief to look for a new beginning,” Ana Isabel Garcia, High School Counselor, said.  

A main purpose of the event was for students to forgive themselves in front of others for things they regretted. One student asked for forgiveness for bullying his friends and accepted he did this to hide his insecurities. This allowed them to grow as a group and have a closer relationship with each other.

“It is really hard, in particular for my year to be very unified, but I think that at this moment in time and compared to before, after Humanutopia it became very unified,” Daniela Villegas, 12th grader, said.

Most students were excited to participate and showed effort to become better people. Good energy facilitated the making of the activity and made it a special moment for most of them.

“I believe everyone was very open minded and had a sensible attitude which was the most beautiful thing of the activity. The possibility of everyone to open themselves to express and to receive,” Garcia said.

Who am I was also a program for many to grow personally in the sense of how they behave. This helped many become more aware and sensitive to other peoples’ feelings.

“It was very helpful because maybe other people didn’t see your problems, but when you express yourself then others can know what you are going through and can help you,” Daniela Munera, 9th grader, said.

Unlike other school activities, many students saw Who am I as a moment to reconnect with themselves and others, and most students took something positive away from this experience.

“Usually when activities come to school students don’t like it or just see it as an opportunity to miss class, but this was different,” Juan Jose Escobar, 12th grader, said.

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Who Am I Activity Mends Relationships