Virtual Revolution Arrives at TCS


Photo from The Columbus School. The Columbus School ́s renewed website. Where members of the community will be able to access the new tuition payment platform.

Miguel Restrepo, Discoverer Staff Writer

The new virtual process for paying tuition, which will launch by the end of the 2019-2020 school year, is being developed by  The Columbus School’s secretaría academica and the technology department. 

The new software being created will allow parents to make payments online without having to come to the school. According to TCS directives, implementing technological logistics to TCS will reduce costs, save time, and improve efficiency.

“Parents will not have to come to school due to the entire tuition process being done virtually from their homes. They will enter the platform in which they will use voice and digital signature for everything that used to be signed by hand,” Luis Botero, Senior Technological Processes Analyst, said.

The school conducted a pilot test with 90 families in order to see if this process would work and gave those participants a survey afterward. Most parents are looking forward to this idea as evidenced by surveys conducted by the school.

“The majority of the parents liked the idea and thought it would be beneficial to them and the school in matters of time and efficiency. We also did a survey and the results were between 80% and 90% in favor,” Botero said.

In previous years, on the day tuition is due, hundreds of parents come to school which causes overcrowded offices, resulting in long lines and long waits. TCS is looking forward to this new system improving the issue by changing what was once done in person and making it digital.

“The school is aiming to adapt to new challenges posed by the 4th industrial revolution. In this regard, I see the development of a digital platform to improve the school’s enrollment process relevant. With this, we reduce general costs, mitigate risks and improve efficiency,” Camilo Polanco, Foundation Director, said.

TCS is planning to prepare and position the school for the demands and opportunities of the 21st-century innovation. They are looking forward to leaving the traditional school model to ensure technological development in the near future. 

“Today we are living in the digital revolution and I think it’s very important that TCS wants to take a part of it. The School is modernizing in many aspects and I think this is a big step towards innovation,” Santiago Restrepo, STUCO President, said.