Student Photography Opens New Doors


Maria Jose Velez/Jessica Bock

Photos were taken for all sports, here are some of the examples from each.

Juana Pardo, Discoverer Staff Writer

Considering the lack of photos and photographic coverage during Copa Columbus here at TCS, the opportunity of having student photographers to cover the event was contemplated.

From April 4-6, two juniors, who are interested in photography, were given the chance to do something they like and at the same time help cover the event in the best way. They also gave all the teams many more memories in picture form than what they used to get.

“I think that the opportunity that was given to me is incredible because it is my passion and therefore at any time that I can take photos I’m very happy,” comments Maria Jose Velez, one of the photographers of the event. “This has an impact that also reaches other people, it will show all the effort that athletes have made and can bring pride to the school.”

Not only had the lack of memories been a complaint, there are others. A full coverage of the event meant that all the sports were able to have pictures taken of them during the games. Other students, parents, and teachers who also came and saw the games enjoy looking at pictures after the tournament. It is important for the school to consider having a very important event be covered.

“It is a great idea because the school’s photographer (Guillermo Martinez) charges for the physical photos and it is better to be able to download the photos,” mentions Isabela Murillo, 11th grade girls basketball captain. “One of my complaints is that there’s only one photographer; it would be nice to include everyone so they feel appreciated and proud of themselves.”

As the idea was presented many were immediately drawn to it. It is not something that is easily approved by directives as the students had to miss class but the effort was done to have their permission. It certainly paid off greatly at the end.

“Having photographical evidence be it for having a more aesthetic, well routed and accurate description of the event or for personal use is always a good idea,” says Jessica Bock, the second photographer during the event.

The opportunity to have student photographers didn’t only impact Copa Columbus, athletes, and coaches. Creative skills in school will flourish by having students show off their work not only in their “creative” classes but in different scenes and situations.

“Showing the skills of the students is very important for the school and for the students because the school may feel that art is not so important but when they give these kinds of opportunities they realize that students do have different passions that should be recognized,” mentions Velez.

Not every student has skills in the same areas so the school should show off student’s work in the more uncommon areas as well, it is common to not know what talents students really have. Areas like art, music, dancing, and others shouldn’t just be one time electives or classes that students only take twice a week; no matter the moment or event students should always be able to show what they can really do.

“The passions that students have do serve for something,” comments Velez. “The school needs to give importance to something more than mathematics, science, or English.”