Seniors ISC Project Feedback Fair


Seniors Samuel Vieira and Martin Velasquez, getting the project feedback in one of their meetings.

Elisa Martinez, Discoverer Staff Writer

On Friday, April 26th, Seniors at The Columbus School had the opportunity to participate in a feedback fair, where they presented ISC projects and obtained comments from a crowd.

The coliseum was filled with students and teachers from other schools, professionals, entrepreneurs, engineers, business CEO`s, even people that work at school attended this event. All of them had to observe and evaluate some of these demonstrations, in order to help twelve graders improve their project. This is the first time this routine has been tried at TCS, and Alysa Perreras 12th grade teacher was in charge of it.  

“The first thing we did, we had like 4 different schedules with four different people and they were chosen depending on our interests, for example, I chose someone that works on a foundation that works through all the parts of the country, also engineers, that as the main focus on my project,” Isabela Molina, Senior at TCS, said.

It was really important for the project owners to receive this kind of feedback. Different aspects and positions guided them through a specific topic, where they needed to be better at. By inviting students from other schools -that are also interested in helping the community- made it encouraging learning and teaching experience.

“We came here because our school was invited to get to know and evaluate some social changes projects, in which we have to listen to their presentations and give our sincere opinion, so we were learning from each other,” Luna Daniela Castallena Diaz, a student from Institucion Educativa Eduardo Rios LLanos, said.

Undergraduates weren’t the only ones interested in this activity, professionals had a very engrossing time too. Some of them realized how Seniors always had a vision in which the community and its welfare was included. They got to share personal experiences and knowledge with ISC authors.

“From my point of view, I see a lot of ways that you can make an impact,  and in my professional career I do it through companies and business, I believe that a business ultimates goal is to look forward to helping the community. That’s what I want to reflect when I got invited by the school, I thought it was an excellent idea and it was related a lot to my daily life, ” Gregorio Londoño, participant of the feedback fair, said.

Meeting with social innovators and entrepreneurs made students think outside of the box, and plan every single detail. The main focus was not only the final project but the impact and change on the society they wanted to accomplish.

“When I was meeting with them they told me different feedback about my project, l ways I could make it better, for example, one that I really liked and I am going to improve was that I should involve more the community and make the people in the community feel part of it, not only that it is for one day and for one project,” Molina Said.

Students were highly satisfied with this activity, it was the perfect opportunity for them to excel at their presentation once they improve with the comments received on this event.

“The feedback fair exceed my expectations, I thought they were not going to be as useful as they were, I got the opportunity to have new perspectives from different types of people about my project and now I can make little  improvements that will make a huge positive impact on my real presentation,” Juan Pablo Gomez, Senior at TCS, said.