Poly Payment Repels High School Students To Train

Pedro Pablo Uribe , Discover´s Staff Writer

Currently for joining poly students are being required a extra payment apart from the matricula causing some students to decide to stop being part of a team.

The High School Male soccer team is the biggest victim of this problem. Past players are refusing to form part of the team due to this semestral payment that’s being required.

“Knowing that the school requires a expensive matricula, I personally think that poly should not be a additional payment, it repels players from joining the team, as a example, my self,” Daniel Guarin, 11th grader said.

Research was done with the Athletic director on the change in poly, because in the past poly wasn’t additionally charged to students.

“A couple things happen, before it was called Club Deportivo, the school had to be a club to be able to participate in tournaments, we were part of Inder Medellin,” Fredy Badillo, TCS Athletic Director said.

The school used to be a club, so the conditions then where much different.

“So in the school´s matricula, within the matricula payment a percentage of the matricula will go to the club, no matter if you were in poly or not,” Badillo said.

Since the club ended, poly became like another team were you need to pay a semestral payment of 315,000 pesos, and students will ask, where does that money goes?

“Money that students pay majorly goes to coaches, to their yearly based contracts,” Badillo said.

But students really don’t like this paying system, by school requiring this payment they are repelling good players from the soccer team.

“I left since they started to charge me for training in the team, for my situation it wasn’t worth it,” Guarin said.

The school coaches aim to win, but how can they win without their best players? One of the best soccer players, Guarin, quit training due to the new conditions poly established.

“I would like to join the team once again, but in this moment I am part of another team, so paying such a expensive payment to train once a week is not worth it,” Guarin said.