NHS Inducts 42 New Members


The National Honor Society inducted 42 new members in a ceremony held at the TCS theater on November 11 in front of family members and streamed live to the TCS community.

The ceremony took place at 8:30 am and included important school figures such as Superintendent Ruth Allen, High School Principal Juan David Lopez, and NHS advisor Juliana Sarmiento. They all explained to the guests the responsibilities the new NHS members have, as well as some inspiring words to the new members.

”Being a member of NHS is a privilege but also a great responsibility. We must understand that being part of NHS doesn’t make us better than everyone else,” Lopez said.

The ceremony continued with speeches from NHS leaders, including NHS President Juliana Mira Velez, who gave an inspiring speech about the pillars of NHS and also gave an encouraging story of a moment that changed her life.

“About 2 weeks ago I was asked to go to a school, little did I know the empathy it would have on me, that day we met an amazing woman and her kids, their stories and emotions were so pure and inspiring I finally felt once again the spirit that has characterized the school for so long,” Mira said.

After the speeches came the Candle Light Ceremony which consisted of each inductee lighting up the candles which signify their entrance to the National Honor Society, then they each pledge themselves to maintain the NHS pillars.

“I pledge myself to a poll, for high purposes in which stands the National Honor Society, which I have been selected, I will be true to the principles for which it stands,” Mira said.

The ceremony ended with a speech by Juan David Lopez about the importance of the NHS pillars and reminding them how far they have come in their own life experiences.

“NHS shows our recognition that alone we won’t be able to make this world a better place. When we work together we can make so much more,” Lopez said.

The school theatre was filled with emotion as parents and students celebrated their accomplishments and life decisions which led to that moment.

“It’s a very special sensation because it’s the product of a massive effort and an important discipline that he has always shown, and this is getting a reward of what he has made and it makes me feel very proud,” said Kevin Arango, father of NHS inductee Emilio Arango.

Several relatives were members of the National Honor Society when they attended TCS. Families expressed pride in their children, several of whom were following the family legacy of entering NHS.

“In my family, Susana’s cousins were part of NHS before they graduated in previous years, still she didn’t have any pressure from us in getting in NHS,” said Pedro Uribe, father of NHS inductee Susana Uribe.

Each inductee was only allowed to invite one guest to the ceremony which was also live-streamed for parents, friends, and family who were unable to attend because of COVID restrictions.

“The programming of the event came out excellent. In the beginning, we had complications with the cameras, but we were able to resolve it, and at the  end, the programming of the event came out excellent,” Alex Ciro, TCS Technology Staff, said.