New Training Regimen a Game Changer for Soccer Team

TCS Soccer Team scrimmage game done in the weekend to prepare players for Copa Columbus

TCS Soccer Team scrimmage game done in the weekend to prepare players for Copa Columbus

Sebastián Uribe, Discoverer Staff Writer

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TCS High School Boys Soccer Team is conducting a series of new training methods to perform better at Copa Columbus.

Since traditional workouts haven’t gotten them to perform better at any well-known tournament, the Head Coach Urbano Mesa is implementing a new series of drills including dribbling, kicking, defending, passing and physical conditioning.

“The soccer team is using new training methods since traditional training methods are used by every team. This new type of training will enhance players performance to its full potential,” Emilio Mora, 11th Grader and Captain, said.

Since 2019, Mesa has researched and conferred with other local coaches, to create a new series of workout plans. The plan consists of specialized training, so players can master specific skills based on the position they play in.

“Throughout all these years we were training the same way and each time we expected different results. In order to get better results, we needed to change our training methods,” Mesa said.

Both players and Polideportivo administration believe that these new training methods will bring success to this team. Since most of the team is made up of 9th, 10th and 11th graders, most players will have the chance to use these new, personalized trainings throughout High School.

“ I believe it will make us perform better since everyone on the team needs to improve on something. Thanks to this specialized training methods, it will help us both individually and as a group,” Sebastian Garces, 11th Grade Defender, said.

The results of this advanced trainings are now making its effects since players are starting to feel more comfortable when they play and the results they made in their recent games.

“On February 9th we saw the results of this training as we won 4-0, without the help of the Seniors and against a team that we used to lose,” Garces said.

Each training is splitted into three main parts. In the first part of the training, players work on an individual skill they need to perform better. In the second part they train as a whole team on an specific skill, as an example it can be passing drills. In the last part of the training players play a scrimmage to use what they have learned.

“This new type of training will revolutionize soccer training at TCS because it emphasizes the skill a player needs to master in order to be the best at the position he plays,” Mora said.