Makeup in School, Truth Uncovered.

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Makeup in School, Truth Uncovered.

Tatiana Vélez, Discoverer staff writer

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Coming from an American School she was used to wearing full coverage and glamorous makeup daily, however she was shocked as she noticed girls with bare or natural makeup looks here at TCS. Judgment and comments traveled fast; a girl that doesn’t hide that she’s wearing makeup to school was something big to talk about.

Makeup is something that defines all girls around the world from all ages. Wondering if in school the use of these products increase for vanity or to call out attention, what do you think?

TCS Girls

Girls in TCS range from sporty to fashionable, but they all have one thing in common: Makeup. On the inside, a girl who wears full noticeable makeup to school is typically asked: why are you wearing makeup? Where are you going? And more questions of that sort. It’s not a common thing to see a girl wearing full coverage makeup in TCS, and if you actually do encounter one, she is undoubtedly in the spotlight.

“Personally I just wear sunblock to school, I don’t have the time or the desire to wear makeup to school. Yet some girls in my grade even wear mascara to school, I think it’s weird and as if  they want to be the center of attention,” said Maria del Mar Jaramillo 8th grader in TCS.

The clear pattern is that TCS girls commonly don’t wear makeup to school, and they only do if they have an event, meeting, school pictures or an after school appointment. However this doesn’t include all girls. Some of them, slim to none, like to wear makeup daily to school; while the majority, no matter the event, wear a bare face to school.

“Girls in school don’t commonly use makeup, it’s weird if you do so…. I guess many girls wear makeup if they have something after school, or if they have a special thing in school like pictures,” said Raquel Londoño, Sophomore at TCS.

Is not wearing makeup to school, the same trend as wearing school’s uniform instead of normal clothes? The reason for this, still remains a mystery in TCS.

Makeup in Highschool

The school that changes everything: high school. On an normal day, 62% of highschool girls wear some sort of makeup to school: from simply wearing concealer to wearing bronzer in order to give some color to their faces. The other 38% wears no makeup at all: just sunblock, because they feel more comfortable and like to come with an all natural face to school.

“Most girls in school hide that they wear any sort of makeup, I can see that they’re wearing concealer and even bronzer and they deny it,” said Maria Antonia Obando, Junior at TCS

Girls in highschool like to cover their imperfections like a pimple, dark circles or any redness in their face. They don’t look cakey or with crazy makeup, and they try do this in the most natural way so people don’t even realize that they have makeup on. It has become their routine: just like putting on deodorant in the morning, they also wear makeup.

“I wear concealer, loose powder and do my eyebrows for school. It’s a routine to cover up any of my imperfections, and if I don’t do my brows is like I’m not even a person. It makes me feel good and I like to do this for myself,” said Tatiana Botero, Junior at TCS.

What about boys?

Another important factor, is how much this makeup trend catches the boys’ attention. Even though most girls think that the boys aren´t paying attention, they can surprise you.

“I think most boys don’t realize that girls wear makeup, since in school we wear really light makeup and they think that we’re just this way. This is very naïve of them but I don’t really think they notice it,” said Daniela Villegas, Junior at TCS.

However, 66% of TCS boys notice how girls wear makeup to school. They don’t really notice what they’re wearing but they notice that their face have some kind of makeup on. On the other hand, 34% have really no idea if girls wear or don’t wear makeup to school.

“I know girls in highschool wear makeup to school; almost all of them do. I’m not saying they wear a lot, but they do wear some. However not all girls do, very few [of them] don’t wear makeup at all,” said Javier Alonso Martinez, P.E teacher in TCS.

43% of boys feel that girls are being fake when they wear makeup to school, in the way that they don’t really know how they truly look and think that these girls are insecure with who they are.

“I think that girls shouldn’t wear makeup to school because they need to show how they truly are; it makes me feel really uncomfortable when a girl wears a lot of makeup to school as if they’re hiding something… I prefer natural girls,” said Simon Escobar, Junior at TCS.

According to this testimony, at TCS makeup may not attract boys; on the contrary could do just the opposite

The truth

Makeup is not something that defines TCS girls; instead is mostly classified as something personal for every girl. Even if girls don’t wear makeup, they can all agree in one thing: those who do, mostly do it for themselves.

“If I don’t cover my dark circles one day for school I will feel less comfortable. Wearing makeup to school makes me feel comfortable,” said Villegas.

Only 40% of boys agree on how girls wear makeup for themselves, most of them (88%) actually think that girls wear makeup to school because they’re insecure, they want attention and for the boys. However, according to interview sources, this couldn’t be more wrong.

“If I wake up with a massive pimple on my face I am going to cover it, not in order to ‘hide myself’ but in a matter of the fact that I’m a girl and I value vanity; I want to look at myself in the mirror and feel pretty, that’s it,” said Isabel Arias, Junior at TCS.

Girls wearing makeup to school is not right or wrong. Whether someone wears or makeup or not, it is something personal, all girls do this for themselves and for no anyone else. It doesn’t really matter in TCS if girls wear a bare face or they wear makeup; their decision is something that makes them feel comfortable in school.

“I think when a girl wears makeup to school they do so because they want to look pretty not only for the people but for themselves,” said Maria Antonia Robles, Senior at TCS said.

“Everyone should embrace what they want to, and if they want to wear makeup it’s amazing that they stand out for what they want. No matter what other people say,” said Villegas.