HS Student Athletes Raise Money for New Uniforms

The new HS athletic teams presentation shirt, hat and jacket

Sebastian Uribe

The new HS athletic teams presentation shirt, hat and jacket

Sebastian Uribe, Discoverer Staff Writer

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To raise money for new uniforms, HS Boys and Girls athletic teams are holding a series of cake breaks during the two weeks before binationals.

The price of the new uniforms was more expensive than anticipated, so the Athletic Council, made up of HS team captains and the Sport Coordinators, came up with a solution to raise money by doing cake breaks to pay the expenses. The cake breaks are taking place, since the school does not cover the uniform expenses, leading to each team member to pay for their own uniforms.

“ TCS has never payed for our uniforms, each one of us has to pay around 400 thousand pesos in only shirts plus the 650 thousand pesos we need to pay in order to play in poli,” Samuel Meneses, 10th Grader and part of the basketball team, said.

The cake break was created based on a simple idea, that was to sell snack for a good price so the profits from it can be greater.

“We are aiming to gain the highest profit possible in these cake breaks. Our goal is 2 million pesos and right after the last cake break we have raised 3 million pesos,” Paulina Bernal, 12th Grader and girls Volleyball team captain, said.

The volleyball and basketball captain assigned each team member in charge of bringing  different snack to sell during the cake break. In total there were over 15 different types of snacks.

“We are selling brownies, cookies, mango, popcorn, lemonade and juice for just 2 thousand pesos,” Tomas Moreno, 12th Grader and boys Basketball team captain, said.

The cake breaks were available for the whole day so of students, teachers and staff had the possibility to buy snacks.

“The first (cake break) was during October 22-23, and the second one will be in November 2. The cake breaks are located next to the cafeteria and in the hallway leading to the cafeteria,” Moreno, said.

The profits made by each team were spent separately since the new uniforms were bought based on their  number of players.

“As for the shirts, jackets, and hats we have a particular supplier that will make us 165 new outfits for both boys and girls and has a deadline for 1 week before November 12 (start of Binational),” Bernal, said.

Student athletes find the design to be more modern, slick, and with a better cloth quality than previous years. Student athletes buy the presentation t-shirts because they are allowed to wear them during day that they have P.E.

“ I am really excited for the new presentation t-shirts, jackets, and hats because they have a cool design, and have a much more comfortable cloth to play. Ever since I was in HS the quality of the t-shirts have been horrible,” Meneses, said.