How is TCS getting prepared for 2018 binationals?

Binationals really really soon

Binationals really really soon

Santiago Trujillo, Discoverer Staff Writer

TCS is preparing for a big challenge by facing the most important tournament of the SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) in the entire year. The second trimester of 2018 will be really busy for TCS sports area.

At the beginning of each school year, TCS participates in a tournament called Binationals, a sports event where schools from all over Colombia send approximately 8 different teams for every sport to be a part of this competition. This year, TCS will be hosting here at Medellin.

“From November 18 to the 23rd, TCS is experiencing Binationals. 4 years ago was the last time the school hosted this sensational tournament,” Roger Arbabi, High School Principal, said.

A week full of rigorous trainings, tension and nerves. TCS is filled with joy for a whole week of entertainment through sports, thanks to all the participants of this wonderful competition.

“Approximately 8 different SACS schools come from all over Colombia, usually from cities like  Bucaramanga, Bogotá, La Guajira, Manizales, Cali, Santa Marta, Cartagena and Barranquilla” Freddie Badillo, Sports Director, explained.

The most popular sports in the tournament are basketball, volleyball and finally but not least important soccer, the most competitive and exciting one for everyone.

“At the moment they are going to play the same three sports: soccer, volleyball and basketball. The schools of Barranquilla and Cartagena want to bring baseball teams, but TCS can’t offer this opportunity this year.” Roger Arbabi, High School Principal, stated.

This competition brings along many commitments for TCS, to other schools, in logistics and economically. They have to make a large investment in staff, and in many more things like referee payments for each sport.

“We have all budget in, we have all the money, it is just put a side, and we are waiting for binationals to come, starting to get all finally prepared.” Freddie Badillo, Sports Director, said.

It is a tournament that has to start with lots of anticipation, it requires a lot of time, everything is in the hands of the coaches and the teams, so that everything goes how the directives want it to come out.

“Freddie Badillo has been preparing for this challenge for months, we hope he does a good job, it is difficult but it is possible.” Roger Arbabi (High School Principal) said.