Egresados Tournament Makes Significant Improvements

Matias Velez, Copy Editor

With the Egresados Tournament starting 3 weeks ago, teams have begun the tough competition against the teams participating and many veterans are impressed at how the tournament managed.

The event has been played for a very long time and many teachers, as well as coaches, have been able to see the development of management and competition level during their years of participation. Many have seen positive improvement throughout the years, especially this season.

“It has been much better this year in terms of organization. We have an official group chat for the team captains, where we get weekly schedules of games played on Saturdays,” Bill Beauchamp, captain of the teacher’s team said.

There has also been new interest and appreciation from the school’s administration due to an issue with the school’s cycling club, “BiciBros”.

“The school also sponsored new uniforms for the teacher’s team, which is also a huge plus. We saw that they funded the cyclist’s shirts, and so we talked with the administration and they helped us out,” Beauchamp said.

Student-athletes from the school are also very amazed by the changes in the tournament, whether it is competitive teams or organization features.

“I feel like this year has been the best out of the 3 years I’ve been playing the Tournament. The whole team always knows when we have a game and it’s gotten the team more united and compromised with the game which has show m the potential that the team has,” Daniel Valencia, 10th-grade guard, said.

There was never a real incentive for teams to take the competition seriously, however, it has been changed this year with a prize pool of $700.000 Pesos.

“It has been really difficult to get players to take the games seriously since we never had a type of prize working as an incentive. This year, however, the winning team can earn a lot of money,” Edwin Vasquez, basketball coordinator said.