Disgraceful Attendance


Jeronimo Posada training by himself due to the lack of ´people at High school soccer training.

Santiago Trujillo, The Discoverer Staff Writer

TCS boys soccer team is in lack of players and this is becoming a problem for the tournaments that are coming up next month.

2018 has been very problematic for the TCS boys soccer team. Students are not training enough for making a stable group because there is not enough enthusiasm and they don’t see a leader that could improve the team.

“The coach puts the student to play in the games, no matter if they train or not. So they feel that it is not necessary to train because they would play anyway,” Simon Abisaad, TCS soccer player, said.

The coach is not motivating the students to put in effort, allowing players to question the importance of training at least once or twice a week.

“As we know a lot of students that played here in the TCS soccer team are in a really high level now they are playing with different soccer teams all around the city so training time collides so it is impossible for students to come here instead of that the other clubs training,” Urbano Mesa TCS soccer coach replied.

TCS soccer team it is not the priority for the players, as they don’t see a solid team they prefer to keep up their soccer career in other teams here in the city, TCS team it seems as a second option and doesn’t give importance to the training just to the games.

“If really they are being attracted by the team people it’s going to start to stay and also if they see that really the team is getting results they would make the effort to have a good team,” Simon Abisaad TCS soccer player said.

Abisaad explained that players need motivation and need support and a reason of making the effort of  training in the school each day, if they start seeing a change in the student’s attitude and a positive change on the team results they would start training and improving the team each way you look at.

” There are few students training, so the other students or players get bored at training and they don’t go, or make the effort of staying to make a better training each day,” Urbano Mesa TCS soccer coach said.

Students are affecting other students by encouraging them not to stay and being a bad example.

“As time passes students are going to start to stay more because important dates are coming as are binationals, Copa Columbus and it is obvious that if the student doesn’t train the student it is not summoned, ¨ Urbano Mesa Soccer coach stated.