Commision Chairs Selected for COSMUN 2019


Paloma Urrea Díez

Secretary General Manuela Betancourt and President of El Senado de la República are preparing for COSMUN 2019.

Paloma Urrea Díez, Discoverer Staff Writer

The commission chairs for COSMUN 2019, hosted by TCS during April 10th, 11th, and 12th,   were selected by the Secretary General and Sub-Secretary Generals during the first week of September.

The selections were decided by Secretary General Manuela Betancourt and Sub-Secretarys Alejandro Escobar and Juan Felipe Gaviria. The selection process includes a test, and interview and provide filters to ensure having qualified commission chairs

“After a long process, we finally managed to come up with the chairs for COSMUN 2019. This was a very hard task since we had a lot of capable people,” Escobar said.

Students who thought they were capable to be a commission chair had to sign up on the candidacy sheets during the first weeks of August, and a week later took the exam.

“We normally put up the sign up sheets about a week before the test will be taken, then they take a test based on MUN procedures and on general knowledge of the world,” Escobar said.  

Students that seriously aimed to have a spot in the committee chair, thoroughly prepared for the test.

“I prepared by reading the COSMUN manual and general culture quizzes online,” Salomé Beyer, TCS 10th grader and newly selected President of International Military Tribunal, said.

This year the prerequisites for students who wanted to be a commission president became less strict, so more students applied for this enriching activity.   

“Before, you needed at least an 80% as your GPA, however this year we decided to take away the prerequisites as we believed this was limiting to some people,” Escobar said.

Escobar, Betancourt and Gaviria spent hours closely reviewing the list of candidates, their applications and exams.

“We truly put our best effort into matching each person with a committee and with another person we believed they could work with well,” Escobar said.

Being a commission president for COSMUN is a very important task. The Secretary Generals expect a lot from commission chair for this year’s model.

“As I said before, nobody forced them to do this, and this is something they chose, so I want them to be very dedicated, to work hard and to pull out the best committee that they can,” Escobar said.

Finally, for candidates who were not selected, the Secretarys still wants them to participate in this year’s model and apply to be a president again next year.

“If you didn’t apply this year, you can apply next year, and if you didn’t pass like don’t lose your hope, you can apply next year,” Escobar said.